I have an earlier post last week that states why I am perplexed watching the Olympics in Western Nebraska.  My satellite feed of local channels, and so the Olympics comes from Denver.  As such, I see lots of presidential television advertising.  For another week Mitt Romney seems to be getting killed and carpet bombed by the Democrats and their liberal/socialist ilk.  How is this happening?  I know that the Romney folks seem to think that they can wait until after the convention, I think they cannot.  I think this carpet bombing is having an effect of stopping the ability of the campaign to influence the types of voters watching the Olympics.  Due to the diaspora of television viewing, even the debates might not attract the kind of viewership that the Olympics will, and the Romney folks are ceding the battlefield.

Furthermore, what is distressing is all the low hanging fruit that the administration is giving us:

To wit, why aren’t we running ads on the stimulus/”Porkulus” program and the ideological nightmare that is?  Why don’t we hit them on the issue of the stimulus and the wasted money by the liberals?  That would be a major part of our president’s record that should be brought back into focus.

Second, Why isn’t there a healthcare ad on describing the nightmare of Obamacare?  All you need to do is get a small businessman or businesswoman on television showing how it is an unsustainable tax increase, then get a doctor on to demonstrate how it interferes with the doctor-patient relationship.

Third, run a Solyndra ad and contrast that with the responsible Keystone XL pipeline, which the president is unilaterally blocking.  And demonstrate the effect that the liberal environmentalist movement is destroying America’s prosperity.  Besides, demonstrate that most of the people trying to run the EPA are limousine  liberals, that want we the people to give up our way of life?


The recent welfare ad is good.  We need to go a lot further.  We need to become ideological warriors about the election.  If we call the Democratic Party out on the carpet we can win this campaign.  We will not win being nice people.  We will win by attacking them on what they are.  We cannot win by hoping that the leftist people will fall in line and conduct an honest campaign.  That does not mean we lie.  All it means is we go into the dark corners of the liberal point of view that have been on display this last year and hit them hard.  And Romney has the cash.  The so-called conservative Super-Pacs have the resources also.  We need to use them now.  Let’s strike now, while the iron is hot!