After a spate of negative posts, I can say that I have now been to Colorado on a political jaunt.  I went to knock on doors in the Denver Suburbs and also around Ft. Collins.  I can say that the GOP enthusiasm is pretty high, given the carpet bombing by the media there.

The polls almost all say that Obama will have a higher turnout in Colorado than in 2008.  I think that is crazy, and I think the Democrats know it.  The Republicans in rural eastern Colorado are doing their utmost to support Republicans and Republican candidates.  From Sterling to Brush there were nearly no Obama signs, and all Romney.  The small business people are also behind Romney, knowing that he will actually create condition on which jobs are created.

In Nebraska, I think Deb Fischer is going to win in a walk.  All the negative things I have said in the past in regard to Douglas and Sarpy County Republicans is on hold until Election Day.  Just get out and canvass for Deb!  If you pull your weight, the Western part of the state will pull ours.  We can send New York Bob back to the city and have an actual conservative in the Senate in 2013.

The work is only beginning guys and gals, so let’s get to work and make this a memorable victory come November.