In America, we have experienced unprecedented growth.

We have created wealth that most countries can only gape at and wonder how we did this. America has boomed beyond most any other country out there in so many ways:

  1. Research
  2. Production
  3. Transportation
  4. Wealth
  5. Goods per capita

Folks in America take a lot of things for granted. They curse a company like Wal Mart while loving the less expensive television and clothing they can buy there.

Folks hate big business greed without realizing the fact that without that drive for a profit, there would be far less growth, far less wealth available for them as well.

Is it true, for example, that there are people who are unnaturally wealthy in this country? Bill Gates? Dan Snyder? Folks like that?


Is that a bad thing?

No. And I am going to embark on a layman’s term economic breakdown on why wealth creation is a good thing for this country, and why dragging down the big dogs, the heroes, the people who’ve done well is a backwards, small brained, jealous, nanny baby way to ensure none of us can reach the same pinnacles they have.


You heard me. If you handicap them, you may not realize it, but you are ensuring that no one else, including you and your kids and grandkids will ever reach that height as well. In your jealous spite, you are creating a structure in this country of gimmie-ism and hey-he-has-too-much-ism that will ensure that people like the folks in charge of the government now will put into place brakes that will not allow that economic engine to roll that far ever again.

How about the pay czar? How about financial regulation? How about saying things like “these businesses are too big to control”? These are all statements or things that the government today is looking to put into place to ensure that no one can outdo another. Equality for all – sounds good right? But it comes at a very large cost.

Do you have any idea how many millionaires were created with the creation and growth of Microsoft, by chance?  How about Dan Snyder’s communications business?

You see – the class envy folks don’t want you to know that there were thousands of millionaires and near millionaires created. Wealth isn’t finite in this country – we expand it with companies like those.

All of the companies you see today may be a pyramid, but the pyramid that is AT&T, for example, isn’t just one person who makes it all and the workers who don’t make anything as the unions and progressives would have you think. There are tens of thousands of employees at AT&T and I will wager that 99% of them make better money than I do. I will wager my entire years income that there are very few starving people at a company like AT&T even if they are on the bottom of the chain.

Unless, and this is the big one, they were personally irresponsible or there were tragic circumstances in their life.

So what we see is a whole group of people out there who see a small percentage of people who are not doing as well as others for a variety of reasons, reasons I will cover in one of the series of articles I will be writing on this, and they cry out – “They must all be humbled to preserve the dignity of the basest worker!”

Hogwash. Bullshit. Crapola.

All of the folks under the chief in a barbarian village are on the same footing, but due to one being better at sword play, they have a higher station. One is a better tracker. One is a better hunter. One is a crack shot with a bow.

There is always, even in the basest of examples, going to be promotion due to talent, luck, circumstance, bravery, effort, brains, etc.

The reason why, as the progressives desire, the idea of total equality won’t work in this country is multi-headed but what it breaks down to is we won’t let it work. We the people, the human animals will never see the equality through because we will always see someone who is:

  • Smarter
  • Faster
  • Braver
  • More Organized
  • Dresses neater
  • Dresses snazzier
  • Funnier
  • Works Harder
  • More popular
  • Prettier
  • More Handsome
  • Has straight hair
  • Has curly hair
  • Has red hair
  • Has black hair

Get the point? I have yet to meet many women, for example, who don’t sigh over another woman’s hair, wishing theirs could be just like “Susie’s”. I have yet to meet a man, for example, who doesn’t look at another guy and say “I wish I could dress as nice as he does” or “Why do the women flock to him?”

There will always be jealousy in the whole world. Making everyone equal in the world will ensure that most everyone is equally unhappy and is a sure way to ensure that the world doesn’t improve, but just keeps everything at the status quo.

I posit that jealousy is a good thing and that someone outperforming you is a stimulus far beyond what the government in its ineptitude could EVER bring about. I posit that keeping up with the Jones’ in a private sector, capitalistic society is EXACTLY what made us, as a country, what we are today in terms of success, wealth, power and yes, charity and willingness to aid others in the world.

I will show how attacking the economic engine in this country is the largest mistake we could ever make, even at the bottom of the pay scale. Relishing, even basking in the destruction of another doesn’t promote anything other than the destruction of the machinery that will create the wealth that could, one day, lift you up like a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dan Snyder, etc.

But if you tear it down – you’ll never know.

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