You know, I have talked politics with a lot of folks.

I don’t generally walk away with a great sense of people understanding what is happening in our government today, though that has changed due to the internet and people’s access to true reporting and information. Schools being what they are, poisoned by people who want to dumb down people (from administration and above levels) so they don’t understand, have made sure that socialism succeeds by making sure people don’t understand where a dollar comes from and what socialism truly costs.

Today, I got a chance to interview someone who should immediately be championed for the Conservative representation of his seat in Eastern North Carolina’s first district for the U.S. House of shame… er… Representatives.

In speaking with him on our radio show, Jerry Grimes showed himself to be an absolute paragon of logic and well spoken thought. He spoke like a man of integrity and a man who doesn’t seemed to be obsessed with anything more than helping the people in his district.

Helping them with much less government, returning power to the states and local governments, believes in the sanctity of the 10th amendment and actually understands Jefferson and the Federalist papers.

This is a man who can not only quote the Constitution, but understands what it is about, in my opinion.

A three time Masters Degree theologian and pursuing his Doctorate now, this well educated man who comes from abject poverty, understands that to truly free the people, you must unshackle them from the government who puts nothing but an albatross around the people’s necks like a yoke on a slave plantation’s workers.

I can’t, obviously, say enough about Jerry Grimes – please – if you get a chance – come by and take a listen for yourself.

UnVarnished Show – Sundays 10 am – 12 pm eastern – archived permanently at the same web address this link leads to. Jerry is on from 11:15-12:00 and I wish I could have had him on longer!

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I don’t believe you will regret hearing this man – he was a joy to speak with. Please help spread the word to North Carolinians you know and tell them they want to hear this man who wants to be their representative. In my opinion, after they hear Jerry speak, they’ll want that too.