The Adelson Primary Comes at a Cost: The Constitution

    Most Republican presidential primary opponents have made numerous trips to Las Vegas in an effort to plead, beg and implore billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson to open his wallet on behalf of their campaign.  But winning the “Adelson Primary” appears to come at a high cost – the Constitution. Adelson has been funding a massive lobbying campaign in order to enact legislation that would prohibit | Read More »

    Adelson’s Money To Fuel Lindsey Graham’s Clown Car?

    When it comes to conservative principle, newly announced presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) 47% (R-SC) really doesn’t have any.  Besides rattling the war sabers he is best known for his support of the TARP Bailout, Cap and Trade, a belief in government action to stem the faux threat of global warming, the surveillance state and Amnesty, and he was a key supporter of | Read More »

    Free Trade is a Core Conservative Principle

    The Senate’s passage of legislation to “Fast Track” of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement should be hailed as a victory for conservatives.  A liberal president, elected with the money and muscle of big labor, has stood up to his base to push an agreement that will bring jobs and prosperity to the United States. Big Labor bosses and liberals like [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth | Read More »

    Steyer’s Inane Proposal to Slam California’s Drivers

    Californians pay the highest gas prices in the nation with the price of regular gasoline often tops $4 per gallon. The reasons are simple.  The state’s gas tax is almost 40 cents per gallon.  Only New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians pay more.  The state imposes a 2.25% sales tax on top of that.  The brain trust running the state thought they could stop “global warming” by passing | Read More »

    Consumers Benefit from Open Skies

    Crony capitalism comes in many forms but one of the most pernicious is protectionism.  Corporations and their political allies in the government will stack the deck making it difficult, if not impossible, for competition to take place.  In the short-run, companies that push protectionist policies benefit while consumers are harmed by a lack of choices and often-higher prices than those produced by a free market. Politicians | Read More »

    Criminal Cronyism in Oregon

    Oregon’s former Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) and his lover Cylvia Hayes became targets of a state and federal criminal investigation after engaging in what appears to be a clear pattern of corruption when environmental groups, including ones associated with billionaire Tom Steyer, used Hayes to direct state funds and policy for their benefit. Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman Jim Inhofe described the situation as | Read More »

    Save Streaming Music From Government Imposed Extinction

    Decisions are being made right now that will impact your music streaming service. There is a good chance, if the government screws up, that your Pandora or iHeartRadio or other music streaming service will be turned off and your music app will be useless. The best thing government could do is to take actions that will expand music streaming services, not destroy them. The great | Read More »

    Retailers Seek Another Crony Bailout

    A new study by the American Action Forum examines the cost of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in 2010.  The law intended to protect consumers and taxpayers has done the opposite — costing the America people by nearly $1 trillion in lost economic growth. The bill was written by liberals and | Read More »

    Secure Travel Partnerships Increase National Security

    High security standards are necessary to preserve safe travel and to allow visitors in the United States while protecting against terrorism. Expanding the Secure Travel Partnership will help to increase security screening when tourists visit from other nations. Legislation is pending before the Congress right now that will help to both increase secure travel and preserve America’s number one services export – travel to the | Read More »

    A Conservative Movement Toward Privacy Protections

    Influential conservative groups have written a letter to the House and Senate Judiciary committees to act quickly on the Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad Act (LEADS Act), a bill designed limit the Department of Justice’s effort to grab jurisdiction of most every piece of data stored on cloud computing systems all over the world.  Politico wrote that “a handful of conservative advocacy groups want the House and | Read More »