The Constitution Has a Heartbeat

    All too often we find the Constitution kicked to the curb, stomped upon and left for dead but a new decision by the D.C. Court of Appeals shows it still might have a heartbeat. At issue is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the crown jewel of liberal governance. The agency, created by the Dodd Franks financial reform bill, is one like no other.  Shielded | Read More »

    Grassley Plants Seeds for Corporate Cronyism

    Science has proven that ethanol is bad for your engine.   Ethanol creates more smog than using regular gasoline.  Ethanol reduces the fuel efficiency of your car and the government’s fuel mandates are hurting the poor as farmers make more money converting food to fuel than growing food to feed people.  There is not much to love about ethanol, unless you are the Senator from | Read More »

    Why the Love for Maoist Art?

    Politico has toured the Hillary for Clinton headquarters and they proudly display their love for Maoist art.  Why the fascination with communist art?

    Billionaires Use Environmental Movement to Profit Handily

    From Tom Steyer to Nat Simons, billionaires have hijacked the environmental movement to line their own pockets. Hedge funds and billionaire investors with a line into government contracts, grants and loan guarantees have built relations with these lobby groups to influence government to ensure taxpayer largess flows to the green industries which they are invested in.  A new report by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute | Read More »

    Tort Reform in Patent Bill

    There is a good faith debate in the conservative movement on the merits of H.R 9, the Innovation Act. Some conservatives are supporting and some are opposing. What is not in dispute is that this legislation contains tort reform ideas that conservatives have supported for years. The litigation reforms in Innovation Act, sponsored by House Judiciary Committee Chairman [mc_name name=”Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-VA)” chamber=”house” mcid=”G000289″ | Read More »

    The Best and Brightest

    Rep. Luetkemeyer Fighting for Smaller Government

    As conservatives, we often use RedState and other forums to express disappointment with the Republican Party, often forgetting those fighting in the trenches for smaller government. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO) 54% is one of those rare members who has picked a good fight.  In particular, he is taking on the onslaught of job-killing red-tape and regulations from one of the most undemocratic | Read More »

    The Adelson Primary Comes at a Cost: The Constitution

    Most Republican presidential primary opponents have made numerous trips to Las Vegas in an effort to plead, beg and implore billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson to open his wallet on behalf of their campaign.  But winning the “Adelson Primary” appears to come at a high cost – the Constitution. Adelson has been funding a massive lobbying campaign in order to enact legislation that would prohibit | Read More »

    Adelson’s Money To Fuel Lindsey Graham’s Clown Car?

    When it comes to conservative principle, newly announced presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) 44% (R-SC) really doesn’t have any.  Besides rattling the war sabers he is best known for his support of the TARP Bailout, Cap and Trade, a belief in government action to stem the faux threat of global warming, the surveillance state and Amnesty, and he was a key supporter of | Read More »

    Free Trade is a Core Conservative Principle

    The Senate’s passage of legislation to “Fast Track” of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement should be hailed as a victory for conservatives.  A liberal president, elected with the money and muscle of big labor, has stood up to his base to push an agreement that will bring jobs and prosperity to the United States. Big Labor bosses and liberals like [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth | Read More »