Have you ever noticed that a certain group uses a certain word when referring to the members of a certain other group? In my opinion, I think they use it as a put-down to remind these folks of their place in society and to keep them subjugated? Well, I don’t like it, and I don’t think it is right. As someone in that latter (targeted) group, I find the former group’s use of that word to be offensive, belittling, and dangerous, and I am disgusted whenever I hear it, especially given our country’s history. I think that any member of that former group who uses that word to describe one of my brothers or sisters should be called out, chastised, ostracized, and demonized. Frankly, I don’t EVER want to hear that word come out of their respective mouths. However, I can use it anytime I want. I often do use it to describe my friends in my group as a term of endearment. For example, “What’s up Racist?”

What brought me to this little sarcastic rant is a video clip I watched yesterday. It was from a recent episode of ABC’s The View w/ Whoopi Goldberg in which she and her band of intellectuals discussed the use of a certain word. (Sorry no link) After viewing that, all I can think is borderline personality disorder characterized by self-mutilation and relationship sabotage.

Now that I got all my sarcasm out, I’d just like to say that if we’re going to accept that one person can be raked over the coals for using a certain word, then we must accept, out of fairness, that any other person who uses it should be treated likewise no matter who he or she is, or else our attempt to heal our racial divide will be merely like placing a band-aid on a ruptured artery, and will of course surely fail.