One of the themes Democrats frequently spew is that Republicans use fear to win votes, but I think they really need to take the speck out of their eye before that start pointing at ours. They have the Audacity to make this claim when they are constantly citing crisis after crisis in their rhetoric. They’re the party of crisis. According to them, we’re on the eve of destruction because of one dire and cataclysmic crisis after another: a housing crisis, food crisis, economic crisis, healthcare crisis, climate crisis, and mortgage crisis. Curisously, all of these only seem to be really pressing problems when they’re out of office. And each usually has two or three companion crises. For example, the climate crisis is just one part of whole environmental grab bag of disasters awaiting us if we all don’t stand together and vote out those evil Republicans, and vote Obama for president.

You name it and they’ve probably claimed it, with of course the exception of three: national security, socialism, and the family values. According to Democrats, only Republicans are so vile as to champion these particular causes. I guess they believe our concerns about the former Soviet Union and the decline of family values were unfounded and politically motivated. Are they kidding me? Seriously, Democrats honestly believe your concerns are motivated more by hate and ignorance than sincere rational thought. To Democrats, ordinary Americans are more like how Obama described Pennsylvanians: too superstitious (religious), too gun crazed, too uneducated, and too intolerant to vote for him. Yes that’s right, they think they’re better than you and me.

Democrats forget that winning supporters in politics naturally requires the participants to contrast the excellence of their ideas with the failings and shortcomings of their opponent’s. Now Democrats can cry foul, they can whine all day about it if they want, but they’re every bit a part of it as anyone else. The only difference is that their riding around on a high horse crapping out their political spin, while claiming that their spin doesn’t stink; ridiculous.