Barak Obama and the Democrats attack success as if the only thing they have to fear is success.

How dare you have too many houses or make too much profit?! The reason they get so outraged is because they have rather a juvenile concept of wealth: they honestly believe there is only a set amount of wealth in the world, so if you or I get more, they must get less, how childish.

What they don’t understand is that wealth is not static, it’s endlessly being created by people, and it is only limited by the extent of their imagination and labor. A rock is just a worthless rock, unless you convince someone differently. It could be an arrowhead, a bed-warmer, or an exciting paper weight, but only if someone has the imagination and labor to make (and market) it so.

Most people who have a better than a two-year-old’s understanding of economics know that the more people are rewarded for using their imagination and labor, then the more they will make the things we need and want.

Barak Obama on the other hand wants to penalize success, so that no matter how hard your family works and how little someone else does, there will always be a level playing field. He’d rather reward failure. As he says, “let’s build ladders for success for those trapped in holes of crime and access,” but alas he doesn’t GET IT. He doesn’t understand that rewarding failure only encourages more failure, and it encourages more people to do less, which will only results in less (of what we want and need) getting made.

Of course the government can never permit this(less getting made), but where is a superman when you need one? Where is the chosen one, our savior? In a world where success is hunted down and killed, and failure is so celebrated in a cult of victimhood, we’ll need someone to take command of our economy, someone to make sure the things we need and want get made, someone to allocate our resources more fairly, to tell us what to do, and how much to make? We Americans like to be told what to do. Don’t we? What is freedom worth, when you’ve got the OPPORTUNITY for a free lunch? Obama answers: Not much.

Still don’t GET IT? Well, imagine you are back in school, and you and your classmates are told that each of you have to write three research papers in order to pass and five if you want an A. Imagine that you are also told that if anyone does not have at least three papers, then they can take a paper from anyone who writes more than three as long as they leave him or her with at least three.

How many papers would you write? How successful would you be in that class?

Welcome to the Democratic Party’s socialist vision for the American economy.

This is why the Soviet Union lost the cold war and their economy collapsed, but is it really the change we need, or can afford?