Senator Obama criticizes John McCain’s economic plan as a phony plan that only helps the rich while neglecting the needs of the middle and lower classes. He criticizes it and mocks it, and calls it a trickle-down scheme. But the only thing phony here is (Senator Obama) his reasoning.

Senator Obama believes the best way to help people is to simply give them the stuff, but in order to afford all his promises and freebees, he’ll have to massively increase the burdens on those who provide most of the jobs in this country in a way that will suffocate business and kill jobs.

His plan is patently flawed.

His plan discourages job creation, real wage growth, and only encourages stagnation, inflation, and unemployment, as has been the case with all such socialist experiments.

He proposes hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending, and he unabashedly plans to raise taxes on what he calls the wealthy. Oh, but don’t worry, this is only affect the filthy rich, vile businesses and evil corporations of America. Someone once said, “My Daddy never worked for a poor man.” Honestly, I don’t know anybody who does. Translation: Obama won’t tax you, but your employer won’t be so lucky. Tell me how this is not going to affect you?

Obama’s plan, like he himself, is short-sighted, naive, and ridiculous. You can’t cut taxes for 95% Americans when only two thirds of Americans actually pay taxes, and you surely can’t help 95% of people by raising taxes on their employers. He’s either country’s biggest conman, or he’s the one who doesn’t GET IT. Those taxes will be passed down to the people in the form of cut backs, layoffs, and higher prices. He wants to help the people, but his plan will only (screw) hurt them.

Personally, I’d rather have good things trickle down on me, rather than the crap that will spew down from his plan. Clearly it isn’t only Obama, who is full of (sh)it, (but it is his plan as well).

Post Script: We must remind people that the damage Obama admits he will pursue pales in comparison to the what he will actually achieve if the Democrats obtain what is currently being forcasted to be a supermajority in Congress. Most of the Democrats in Congress spare no bones when talking about their spending and regulatory wishlist. We will see our first 4 trillion dollar budgets. To pay for it taxes will have to be raised even higher than Obama has suggested, and these increases won’t be limited to the rich as he has promised. Clinton promised the same thing and that promise was chucked too when he came to power.