MSM Disregards the Most Crucial Facts in Honduras

Every time I read or view a story on the alleged Honduran coup, I want to pull my hair out (luckily I have very little to pull) because 9 times out of 10 they (MSM) completely miss the most crucial facts:

First, according to the Honduran Constitution, if the President violates the article against consecutive presidential terms or the article that limits a presidential term to four years, or even PROPOSES the reform of these articles directly or indirectly, then he is to immediately cease in his function as President, and is then unable to hold any public office in Honduras for ten years.  This provision was inserted into their Constitution to help ensure that no President would do precisely what Mr. Zelaya did, which was to try to amend a part of the Honduran constitution that according to that constitution cannot be amended. 

Second, the Honduran Supreme Court ruled that Mr. Zelaya’s actions (in regards to the referendum) constituted an attempt to propose a change to the presidential term limits which he cannot do without losing his position, and as such the Honduran Supreme Court found, in accordance with their constitution, that Mr. Zelaya was no longer the President of Honduras. Case closed.

 Here are is an overview of the relevent articles in the Honduran constitution.

Here is an English translation of the Honduran constitution.  See for yourself

Added note: Even w/o article 239, Mr. Zelaya’s actions caused him to lose his Honduran citizenship, as per article 42, which in effect disqualifies him to be the Honduran president according to article 238.


On a side note, we also have provisions in our Constitution that can’t be amended:  we can make any amendment provided “… that no State, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.”

Notice this article of our constitution says “no State, without ITS consent, shall be deprived ITS equal suffrage as opposed to saying, “the PEOPLE or the ELECTORS of a State,” without THEIR consent shall not be deprived THEIR equal suffrage in the Senate.

I guess Mr. Zelaya must be a progressive too, as he favored the rule of the majority (democracy) over the rule of law (constitution) as did progressives in our country when they imposed the 17th Amendment on us. (Just checking to see if anyone is awake)

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