Throughout history, Democrats, also known as liberals, progressives, and dumbasses have fallen into at least one of two categories:

(1) Naïve do-gooders who don’t know the meaning of too much of a good thing, and think that giving until it hurts is sage advice.

(2) Narcissistic control-freaks who all dream of being the beloved Caesar or slave master, and truly believe that freedom is tyranny and tyranny is freedom.

And no matter which category they fall into, all Democrats invariaby express the traits of Hypocritical elitist-bigots who believe they are intellectually superior to all, that they alone are above fray, and that they alone can solve America’s problems, but ironically hate Americans.

Democrats spend countless hours pointing out the faults in the opponents eyes while ignoring that in their own.   And although they claim to love America, they clearly hate and can’t stand Americans as is evidenced by the ease and speed for which they can write off those who disagree with them as being ignorant hicks, religious zealots, gun nuts, or racists who blindly follow demagogues, and who are too stupid to know what is best.  

One of the surest tests of whether you’re arguing with a Democrat is if they try to win the argument by citing their degrees or titles as if such things were indisputable evidence of their superior logic, and the validity and reliability of their facts.

Democrats say they want to defend the constitution, but they’re surprisingly adept at ignoring it whenever they want the federal government to force people to buy health insurance, to deny someone the right to own and bear arms, to freely practice their own religion, or to freely do business or farm within their own state. 

Complain, criticize, or forewarn of the damage their policies will do, and Democrats will accuse you using fear to manipulate the perception of Americans as if Americans are incapable of deliberative thought. 

Oh but their alarms are legitimate, sincere, and are never designed to invoke fear (as a tool of Persuasion) – i.e. humanity faces imminent catastrophic calamities of biblical proportions unless our government takes drastic and immediate action;  47 million Americans are being denied health care;  evil insurance companies abandon and shun the sick out of sheer greed (the wellbeing of their general policy holders being irrelevant);  opposition to a black president is racially motivated;  and arguments for greater nationnal security actually mask a very real conspiracy to expand American dominance and imperialism abroad and to oppress opposition at home.  Gosh, now that’s scary…. I’m serial.