“Lawless” seems to be the Obama administration’s new campaign slogan. After the Arizona court ruling, the Obama administration announces more selective enforcement of U.S. law: It will only respond to certain types of illegal immigrant referrals from state law enforcement authorities thus signally to foreigners that U.S. borders unlike every other nation in the world don’t exist that they are all free to come in and enjoy the benefits of legal residents (paid for by legal residents) without being here legally, and with no fear of ever being deported by the Obama administration.  Did the President not take an oath to defend and enforce our Constitution and the laws of the United States? Can you say abuse of power? Can you say dereliction of duty? This president is a joke and he is an insult to all those foolish people who voted for him. I’d laugh at them, but we are all in this mess together. We all have to live with his corrupt incompetence. January 20th 2013 can’t come soon enough; Godspeed Mitt Romney!