The Obamacare debacle clearly illustrates the idiocy of allowing the federal government to control 1/6 of our economy and dictate our healthcare. The stakes are always higher when so many of us place so much of our lives in the hand of so few. The odds that we will all suffer calamity are always greater then.

This is why the Framers of our Constitution (remember that scab of meaningless paper) opposed entitlements, limited the power of the central government, and never intended it to regulate and administer our healthcare.

But, the beauty and wisdom of federalism is lost on the generation of nincompoops who celebrate Obamacare today.  They fail to see the problem with putting all our eggs in one basket. Like all closet fascists, they rationalize: But if the person holding the basket is an audacious, genius-superman, we can’t lose.

Even when they’re forced to acknowledge the failures of Obamacare, they only double down on their insane gamble, and argue that this is why we need a single-payer system. They’re that stupid.