Democrats like to make up all sorts of new rights. This whole impeachment case is a perfect example.

Let’s say, you want to protect yourself from being investigated for any crime, according to Democrats all you have to do is announce you’re going to challenge the elected official who is in charge of ordering or conducting such investigations in the next election, and wallah, you have instant immunity from being investigated or prosecuted….according to Democrats that is.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that could be further from the truth, but then again Democrats don’t often believe in the concept of truth, especially absolute truth. It’s all relative to them and contingent on whether the person in question has a D or an R next to his or her name or some other favored identity.

In the real world, the constitutional principle… This is why Democrats get this all screwed up, you see it’s goes back to the Constitution, and if you don’t read and respect something you’re bound to muck it up… Any who, in the real world, the constitutional principle of separation of powers provides relief from politically motivated investigation prosecutions. Thus, when an executive or legislative investigation demands information or testimony that may involve a relationship that is generally privileged and thus insulated from prying eyes and ears under the law, like in the case of attorney-client privilege, doctor-patient privilege, clergy-penitent privilege, and executive privilege, an aggrieved party may legally refuse the demand, and the dispute over this demand will be settled by the judicial branch. Similarly, other searches and seizures by legislative and executive investigators can be challenged to the judiciary for lacking probable cause. Rather than obstructing justice or the legitimate duties of the two political branches, these challenges and the constitutional process for resolving them are often necessary to maintain justice and to determine what is or is not a legitimate duty. The Framers understood that without constitutional principle like this, there would be no limit to the political hatchet jobs and vendettas.

I suppose Democrats hope most Americans are as myopic, dim-witted, ignorant, and prone to memory lapses as they apparently are, so that they can achieve what they couldn’t win from the ballot box.  But, if the polls of late are any barometer of this, I’m guessing the American people are  wiser than the Democrats give them credit.