It has become acceptable except amongst the most ardent of Kool-Aid drinkers in the MainStreamMedia to discuss the possibility that the Republicans might just (gasp) regain control of the House in the Fall elections. However, discussion of actually taking over the Senate in addition to the House has generally been reserved for those of ardent conservative fervor or those under the influence of controlled and banned substances.

Well, perhaps no more. Take a gander at the latest release from Rasmussen in which Rasmussen opines that the impossible might just be…well, possible.

Based on their analysis, Rasmussen currently projects that the Democrat’s safely hold 49 seats and the Grand Old Party has locked down 41. Included in the GOP’s ‘locked down’ 41 are three states where the Democrat incumbent isn’t running (Deleware, Indiana and North Dakota) and one state where Rasmussen has determined that the incumbent, Blanche Lincoln, is toast (cap doffing to the labor unions for wasting $10,000,000 of their member’s money on trying to oust Blanche; nice job, guys!).

Of the 10 ‘toss-up’ races, 6 are seats currently held by Democrats and 4 are held by Republicans. While that doesn’t sound like that big of an advantage for the GOP, of the 10 ‘Toss-up’ seats identified by Rasmussen, the GOP maintains a lead in 6 of them, is tied in 3 others and only trails in 1. And this list of ‘Toss-ups’ doesn’t even include the Nevada race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle as a ‘toss-up’ even though their own poll taken June 22 has Angle up by 7 (technically w/in the MOE which is probably why they show it as a toss-up but a well-known incumbent who’s at 41% this close to the election whose numbers haven’t budged above that for, well, ever…?)

The delectable, electable 10 according to Rasmussen? Colorado, Florida (thanks for being a team player, Charlie!), Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina (Burr is the only Republican Incumbent in the ‘toss-up’ column), Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin. Yes, you read those last two correctly: Patty Murray (WA) and Russ Feingold (WI) are currently in ‘toss-up’ races; two races which 6 months ago were not on anybody’s radar screen save a few ‘Pollyanna’ types on the Right who saw a wave election coming almost a year ago.

Chuckie Schumer may just want to hold off on measuring for drapes for that Senate Majority Leader’s office he’s got his eyes on.

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