Last week, Robert Gibbs, feckless Press Secretary for Barack Obama, experienced first-hand the fiery wrath of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Gibbs’s impertinent act? Having the audacity to aver verbally and publicly that which virtually every pundit and politico knows in their hearts: the Dems are going to take a beating this fall and that it’s quite likely they could lose control of the House of Representatives.

Now, being the good Democrat that he is, one would think that Bobby would know that speaking the truth is not highly thought of in Democrat circles. Gibbs will never win any awards for being the smartest press secretary in Presidential history but even he has to have the intellectual acumen to know that Nancy would be none to pleased with his prognostication. So why would he say something so, well, stupid?

Perhaps it was because he knew this was coming (quoted from The Hill):

President Obama said in an interview Friday that voters should hold him accountable for the struggling economy…“If somebody’s out of work right now, the only answer that I’m going to have for them is when they get a job. Up until that point, from their perspective, the economic policies aren’t working well enough…That’s my job — as president — is to take responsibility for moving us in the right direction.”

Now aside from the fact that it really isn’t the job of the president to take us in the right direction (all we need is a president who will quit throwing up socialist obstacles to the private sector and the private sector will take care of that quite nicely, thank you, please), it was almost stunning to see the President actually take responsibility for something. After having spent 18 months blaming everything from the war in Afghanistan to the Gulf oil spill to racking up a $1.5 trillion dollar deficit on George Bush, it was nice to see President Obama finally offer to actually be held accountable for something.

So, that means that the American people now have permission from the President of the United States to blame him for not creating enough jobs. That would include our 9.5% official and approximately 16% unofficial unemployment rate despite his promise that if we passed his $1,000,000,000,000 stimulus slush fund we’d never see unemployment rates above 8.0%. Way to man up, Mr. President.

However, considering that Democrat losses in the House are now projected at anywhere from 30 to 60 seats; considering that every poll (even the ABCNBCCBSCNN polls of just “Adults”) now show more American’s disapproving of his economic policies than approving; and considering that the RealClearPolitics Generic Ballot average of Registered and Likely Voters shows a 4.2% lead for Republicans, I’d say that Americans have already taken him up on his offer.

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