There is no case to be made for Jon Huntsman. He has had no chance
of winning the Republican nomination since he entered the race many months ago.
He made a terrible strategy of just focusing on one state (New Hampshire),
which he somehow thinks will get him the nomination. The former Utah Governor
is another Mitt Romney and does not represent true conservatives across the
country. His support of civil unions drives me away.

It is time for the former Utah Governor to drop out of the race
because he has non-existent poll numbers just days before the first caucuses
and primaries, and has not been able to drive conservatives to his campaign
because of his moderate image. He cannot change his moderate image because of
his past support of civil unions and other liberal policies.

He may have poll numbers that are okay in New Hampshire, but, that
is one state out of 50 states. He has absolutely no chance in any other state,
which means he has zero chance for the nomination. He even loses in his home
state of Utah! His message has not resonated with voters, and it will not
unless the boatloads of other candidates just fall apart. His presence in the
debates irks me because he has absolutely no chance for the nomination and has
no poll numbers above the margin of error! He ven admitted that on SNL in

Jon, you’re a nice guy, but, it’s time to drop out, buddy……