It is truly a blessing to be part of the greatest country in the world—America. For it is with an immense joy that I pronounce myself an American. To not only be a citizen of this wonderful Republic, but to produce in it, and reap its rewards, are more than anyone could ever ask.

I do not have a worldview that promulgates misery. I leave that to Senator Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. I left liberalism after I was given my awakening on September 16, 1992, never doubting my beliefs. Instead, I simply prospered, choosing to rebuke my former life, and give special thanks to my educator—Rush Hudson Limbaugh III.

Now, I tackle conservatism with an unabashed vigor. I embrace my love of America, and I will always continue to fight in its cause for defense of this great Republic, knowing that to yield it to the Democratic Party could lead to immeasurable harm to the electorate.

For Love Of The Republic

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