I do not support Barack Obama but I do think he will win unless we conservatives find a way to reach more of mainstream America in a way that makes them actually want to understand and listen.We all know that Hollywood and the media are teamed together to pave the way for liberals to win in politics so we can’t count on them to even present a forum to discuss the facts. Talk Radio offers that service however the problem is that the vast majority of people who listen have a conservative ideology already in place.

The average American today does not have the time nor the incentive to actually educate him or herself about the details. We are a nation of overworked stressed people who are trying to meet ever increasing, mostly unattainable goals to prove we have achieved success. Most of our ideals of success mean we have beauty, health and lots of really nice material things. Today, for both men and women, business success means some sort of position that pays well, outside the home. We continue to produce children, because it is another sign of an expected achievement in life, but we don’t put much honor on a parent that stays home to parent full time. Women are especially guilty of this. Maybe it has more to do with resentment because career women with families arguably have more pressure on them than do their husbands. Here’s the result of all this: we have become a rushed family that is more likely to fall apart than stay together. Its members spend more time in front of the tv than with each other. And tv programs, especially commercials, are being divided into shorter and shorter snippets.

People have actually studied our brains about this. The marketers know how we buy. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. With all this at hand, how on earth is there any incentive in this society, for anyone to spend time – actual time – listening and understanding politics? It’s boring. It requires thought which often disagrees with what we hear in the media so it’s confusing. There is no money received for doing it. No prestige or indication that we’ve succeeded at anything. And, we may even lose our friends.

We conservatives need to know what we’re up against. We need to find a way to use little snippets, well-packaged and presented by very pretty, easy to look at people, who come on tv and educate people what’s at stake here. And we can’t do it on talk radio because that doesn’t reach enough mainstream people. We have to use tv and the internet, and reach the most popular blogs, left and right. We especially need to explain how this economic situation happened, because John McCain is failing miserably and Obama is all over the tv, blaming it on the Bush administration. Even Bill Clinton has been quoted as saying it was the Democrats. I mean, come on!

We also need to extend a message of hope that the country is still great and that anyone can make it here. We need to address the anger that has been encouraged, especially in minorities, that they are never going to get ahead on their own. This is the best country to excel, on your own. Most of the wealthy in America today were not born that way. We need to get that message out, strong.

I don’t have the funds to launch this, but I do have a certain way with words and would volunteer to do some of the writing, if we can find contributors.

Otherwise, the mood of the country is going to drive Barack into the White House. His steadfastness is perceived as strength. His beauty makes people want to look at him. His eloquence makes people listen to him. He also represents hope for minorities who desperately want to see their own win and we can’t blame them for this. And yes, he indicates change for people who don’t understand that McCain is about as far away from Bush as Obama is.And no matter who wins, we conservatives have a long way to go, still. We have a huge image problem. We need to work on our own PR and educate people that we don’t care about anyone.

If we don’t tell people, no one else is going to.