‘Baggers? That’s another story.**

Last night Sunder Ramani running in CA for the 43rd Assembly District (Burbank) placed second by only 181 votes in the AD43 special election.  That’s in a district where registered Dems outnumber Rep voters by a 2:1 margin.  Since nobody in the special election won a majority + 1 vote, Sunder now faces all three democrats in the June 8 election.  Sunder can win this, especially since he is facing a fractured democratic field.

These are not races which are normally watched nationwide.   But the mere temptation to produce national headlines with a GOP win in democratic stronghold Burbank should sorely tempt tea partiers nationwide to follow the link and click Sunder’s ‘Donate’ button.  Sunder can win this district by a big margin if we help him.

As a businessman from Burbank, Sunder proved his own small business management credentials to me by noting that the Dem who exceeded him paid $34 per vote while his war chest only allowed him to campaign at $4 a vote.  Sunder will be using your contributions wisely and efficiently.  He will take the same budget discipline to Sacramento.

If you look at the election calendar and the current emotional temperature of democratic leadership, it’s obvious that a Sunder win in CA AD43 would produce several highly desireable affects (besides giving CA another GOP assembly member):
1.  Send a deep chill through democratic leaders nationwide
2.  Prove that even liberal voters think GOP ideas have the most merit.

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Oh yes, if you’re in CA AD49, vote for me for (Ron Robinson) Central Committee!

** I’ve shortened ‘teabaggers’ to just ‘baggers – any guy who has had an unflattering nickname on a sports team or in military service can tell you that the shortest path to ‘glory’ is to simply wear that nickname like a crown.  Let’s just stop being offended at the term, shorten it, then call open season on liberal politicians with no ‘bag’ limit.