Am Missing You…

This is a test diary, of sorts. First to see if it shows up on RS, Second to see if I can figure out where it will show up, and most importantly, Third, to say hello to all of you who up until about 5 days ago were adding to my Conservative education by leaps and bounds.

Would like to express profound thanks to those who have commented on my few diaries, those who recommended a diary of mine, and those who patiently helped me out quite a few weeks ago when I decided to “show” my voice at RedState. I miss you terribly. I can’t find you. I cannot see your stream of comments at the right of the screen. We can longer watch that real time list and jump in when a comment needs further feedback or in some cases, gentle reprimand.  There is no longer a column of our diaries separated by the top 10 recommended and those not recommended. I miss that, I really do.  Often times I would start at the bottom of the non recommended diary list and read up through to the top. So many superior thoughts expressed on a daily basis – I miss that column.

For me, that just might be what I think would be called the “deal breaker”. That sense of closeness with fellow conservatives expressing their viewpoints be it via witty repartee or outright, “you are an idiot” is gone. Sure you can click on comments once you find that teeny box that blends right into the background with its subtle blueness (I want redness, btw) but it is just that,  a list of comments with just a diary title to reference what on earth the comment is about.

For those of us at RedState who felt a sense of comrodery and community there is this general feeling that perhaps the website developers that RS picked for this change might not have been RS users. That could possibly answer Erick’s pondering that things didn’t quite go as smoothly as he expected. Only a RedState frequent User would know what would be missed, and what would be a heck of a great change.

It’s kind of like our health overhaul problem in America, however, you’ll love it once we get the bugs fixed might not be the answer. Perhaps, let’s repeal the change and go back to square one and do the upgrade from a RedState user’s perspective. I haven’t expressed that well have I? If the developers were/are RS fans, they sure missed the mark in a few areas.

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