Crunchy Peanut Butter & Obama

Before beginning, let me point out that I have always shown proper respect to the President of the United States by using President along with their surname. President Bush, President Clinton, etc. However am unable to ever call our sitting (or golfing) president anything other than obama. Does this mean I do not respect the man? You betcha! Okay Palin dissenters calm down. Maybe even you can think of a time or two that she was right on point with the Conservative message. I digress already, this diary is about one of those simplistic or shall I say “transparent” moments that occur every now and then to all of us, even blonds like myself. More off subject, I miss all those politically incorrect blond jokes, some of them were incredibly funny. Mr. emptybucket has a ton of them which he manages to convince listeners they somehow are from his personal experience.

While showing our young grandchild the correct way to make a peanut butter sandwich I first had to teach him how to handle the PB jar. Suddenly it became glaringly clear that truly, a jar of crunchy peanut butter is very much like obama and the whole Democrat party. Looking down into a brand new, untouched jar of PB, a sort of epiphany entered my mind.

Our peanut butter is a national brand that we’ve bought for the 44 years we’ve been married (yeah, a man and a woman) and that we both ate while growing up. Our peanut butter is incredibly thick and solidly packed into the jar and is chock full of nuts. It is vacuum packed and sealed, with the seal at the top of the jar practically impossible to peel off. Nothing short of a C4 plastic explosive is going to do the job. I had to be careful with the knife and not have it look like a scene out of psycho. (Honestly how do they expect us to get those seals off).

The Democrat party of 2013 is solid, you take a look at any member and the talking points, explanations & excuses that they spew are, if not identical word for word, very similar. They have set their game plan in motion and woe to any party member who doesn’t toe the line. That’s my opinion as there is no specific reference I can make of a Democrat not towing the line. You might get one of them to spread a little dissention within the ranks but within a short period of time they will have been oiled and brought back into spreadable condition.

We’ve ate this PB for over 50 years and even if you put a better tasting PB in our mouths we are probably not going to change. No sir, we like what we’ve got and forget about trying to warp our minds with any fact that might point out our brand is not as healthy or as good for us as we think. Both political parties are like that in some respects however I argue that at this point in time the Democrats are so convinced their socialistic viewpoint is perfect for America and you’ll not convince them otherwise.

Suppose the jar seal is obama, Democrats support his every whim (or at least it can seem that way) and until he leaves the White House there will be no way to break his vacuum seal on the Democrat party, it is solidly in place. When you operate within a vacuum there is no outside influence to be heard. If you manage to find a Democrat who is willing to be a little bit forthright or honest about some issues that are burdening the American citizen, the seal may peel back a teensy bit and then you can see into the Democrat party. Oh by the way, it is the Democrat party, not necessarily democratic. The Republic of the Unites States is (was) Democratic.

Okay we’ve peeled the seal far enough to see into the jar, now comes the delicate part of actually getting the peanut butter out in manageable portions instead of a huge glob. How many times have we been inundated with a long list of “I’m going to implement” items from obama that overwhelms and does nothing. The Conservatives have to knife around the edges and not dive full force into the middle of the Democrat mindset. Some people thrust the knife into the peanut butter practically smashing through the bottom. The correct way of slowly circling around the outside yields much better results. Current Conservatives who are so outspoken, often to the point of being ridiculous, do nothing but glob up the effort of those quietly moving in the background working their way to the individual Democrat who might be amenable to opening up to reasonable discourse.

Conservatives, have become so angry they want to stab right into the heart of things as a way to bring about change. When you thrust the knife in that way, you pull out a thick wad, utterly impossible to spread. And, we want to spread it; we want to thin it out. The way to break the obama hold is to work on those Democrats who do not want to be lost in that thick coagulum of peanut butter (political platform). We need to get them out of the solid obama mass and out to the edge, able to converse with us about issues that concern Conservatives; able to hear a voice, an opinion, a stratagem different than obama’s gimmicky game plan.

Oh, by the way, the nuts in the peanut butter obviously represent the loony left. As in our peanut butter those “nuts” comprise approximately 25% of the whole. Geesh, there’s a lot of work to do.
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emptybucket is looking forward to Conservatives scraping some democrats to the edge and right out of Congress. Putting an epiphany into words was a bit harder than emptybucket thought. Hope a few of you get a laugh, which was why the attempt was made.

Proverbs 17:22 American Standard Version -
“A cheerful heart is a good medicine; But a broken spirit drieth up the bones.”

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