Back up top by request. — Erick.

I’ve been inundated with emails from people across the country who say they want to get involved. They are asking how to become a part of army of activists that the right will need to reorganize and re-engage against the left.

In lieu of individual responses, I thought I’d write a post here at RedState that I can refer these people to. Here now are my thoughts on getting involved:

Studies show that people who read blogs are generally the opinion leaders among their colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family. Just by staying on top of the news, you can help persuade others to the cause.

Read RedState. Read other sites. But be careful: there are some cranks and charlatans out there. Do not spend your time wasting away on whether or not Obama is an American citizen. Instead, spend your time focusing on how he governs, which will either be so extremely poll tested as to be meaningless or as a third world kleptocrat, which is the way he ran his campaign.

The American people remain deeply suspicious of this guy. We don’t need to waste our time on this birth certificate to show him for what he is — a lefty radical.

Start commenting on stuff at RedState. Once you’ve started reading and observing, engage. Talk with other readers via the comments. Start writing quality diaries — no short throw away, but good diaries expressing your thoughts, concerns, information on candidates and races in your area, etc.

As much as I encouraged you in point one to stay informed, point two goes to this central third point:

If you want to get back Congress and you want to take out the Democrats, you have to pay attention in your state and community. Who are the bad guys back home? Who are the good guys? What absurd policies are the Democrats pushing in your state? Who are the up and comers that look promising? Who are the guys we need to sick the armies of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy on? Post diaries here and let us know. Tag them to your state so we can start building up the politic narrative in your state. Above all else, help get candidates and policies back home on the national radar.

Likewise, at home, be prepared to write letters to the editor in your local paper, call in to the local talk shows, etc. Share your perspective and knowledge.

A lot of Republicans cannot be online at RedState all day. Yeah, yeah, I know it is hard to believe. But some people have jobs with bosses who frown on them being on RedState all day.

If you are one of those people this is for you. Get on our action items list. You may not be able to be on the site all day, but when the army of the right needs to rally for a cause, we’ll send you an email with the details. All you have to do is carry out the instructions in the email if you have time, delete it if you don’t have time, and forward it on to your friends who might help.

Honestly, and I say this as both a member of the Republican Party and as an elected Republican official: if you are going to devote your time to the party or a candidate, choose a candidate. Your time is better spent getting one good man elected, than delving into the egos of party politics. Scout out good people to run for Congress. If you are living in a state house or senate district with a good legislator, go work for them. If you are living in a swing district, find someone your gut tells you is electable and go work to get them elected or keep them in office if they are already there.

Also, consider getting involved in a state organization: a local chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a statewide pro-life organization, a local Club for Growth affiliate, etc. There is real power in numbers, so sign up with other local groups.

We have a lot of people here in the same states. Have you ever thought about getting some of them together for a drink, a burger, or just a conversation? Why not? Take your online activities off line. Make new friends. Organize in your states.

This is, in fact, a war we are in. And every war needs new volunteers. Like bringing people to church, it is not always easy, but the army must grow. Encourage your friends to get involved here. Get them plugged in with the candidates and groups you choose. There are others out there who haven’t discovered RedState and are still asking “how can I get involved.” Now you know how to get involved. Get your friends involved.

Just as importantly, consider getting your friends on the Action Items list. The more people we have taking part, the more powerful our combined voice becomes.