Another reason I’m with Rand Paul? In an editorial board meeting in Kentucky, Trey Grayson is asked what he thinks about the “extremist,” Jim DeMint.His response? Well, he does not defend DeMint and likeminded conservatives from the “extremist” label. What he does do is go on about how Jim DeMint has been a harsh critic of Mitch McConnell for working with Democrats, then praises McConnell for keeping Olympia Snowe and DeMint together on a few issues.Where does Grayson really part ways with Rand Paul? Well, Grayson is happy to have budget deficit busting budgets and disagrees with Rand Paul’s desire to have a balanced budget.Grayson says he is happy to vote for a big budget deficit if congress promises to rein in spending later. Just like they did with Obamacare.Seriously. With Republicans like Grayson, who needs Democrats?