So the CBO finally pulled some numbers out of their “Alice in Wonderland” tea leaves. Never mind that behind the scenes, Nancy Pelosi stood outside with purple shirted SEIU thugs ready to do physical harm to any CBO auditor that didn’t come up with the right number, as that was a given. (ok, I made that up.  We all know that Nancy’s just a kitten and would never even imply there would be some sort of retribution!).

And the result? Almost one T R I L L I O N dollars that we will borrow from the Chinese to pay for our health care that my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be forced to somehow pay back, or work for the Chinese government in return. Or default on and turn us into Greece. (I’m banking on the latter – sorry, China. Bad investment that “full faith and credit of the U.S.” thing, huh?)

Oh, that and the CBO automagically discovered there will be $130 billion in deficit reduction. Well, at least that’s a pretty good thing…wait…wha?  OVER TEN YEARS??????

Steny “Bootlick” Hoyer says this is the biggest deficit reduction coming out of Congress in 25 years, which …god help us all…is probably true and the saddest commentary of all in this whole mess.

So let’s review.  This Congress and the Obama Administration incurred a deficit of over $250 Billion dollars.

In February.

Now, the biggest reduction in deficit spending in 25 years will return about two weeks of federal spending back to the kitty, but only over the course of ten years.  We think. Maybe. Because anything more than 10 months out is a guess anyway, and my 5 year old can “guess” more accurately than these guys, given their track record on what things will cost.

And the Blue Dogs and fiscal moderates are going to use THIS as their fig leaf to vote for health care????

Seriously guys…have some dignity.  Go out there, stark naked, vote for the bill, and at least be man enough to say that Pelosi has your nuts in a jar somewhere, and wouldn’t give them back unless you voted for this monstrosity.  That we could empathize with.  But don’t pretend that two measly weeks of deficit reduction spread out over 10 years of reading tea leaves is going to give you ANY kind of cover whatsoever.

We know you think all we conservatives are knuckle-dragging nut jobs who can’t read, but even the most “challenged” among us know that a used tissue would be more cover than this CBO report will be come election time.

End your delusion. Oh, and thanks for 18 months of political jihad just to save a couple weeks on the deficit.

Wow.  Never have so many, fought so hard, for so long, and suffered such casualty for so absolutely little.

So little, you say? Yes, because no matter what happens on Sunday, the chances of this bill actually going into effect for any number of reasons are exactly ZERO.

Constitutional, states rights, nullification…all nice intellectual cases that can be made.  But I’m banking the pols at the state level won’t be much help when it comes right down to it, and only when 30 million Americans refuse to BUY health insurance, and refuse to pay the “fine” and opt for jail time, then we’ll see what real nullification looks like.

You gonna jail 30 million, Nancy and Barry? (Harry will be gone come November)