EBL: Hillary’s Smart, She can do things…, AG Loretta Lynch Takes The Fifth?, The Fredo Corleone of the Clinton Crime Family and AoSHQ Three Flaming Skulls: Comey to Reopen FBI Investigation

Lem’s Place: Huma says she has no idea how her emails ended up on her husband’s computer
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Zero Hedge: Memories…can be manipulated by Hillary’s Friends and tens of thousands of emails
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Trump’s earlier attacks on Huma turned out to have merit

TOM: Trump Surging in Polls (does he have a chance), Typical Hillary Supporters, What to do with Hillary, Heteropatriarchy
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EBL: So with Huma out of the campaign trail, things are hard for Anthony Weiner back at home, Huma’s Dad: Sharia now, Sharia tomorrow, Sharia forever!, Hillary and Huma have so much in common, if only Hillary could go bomb someone to distract from this (hey she can go after Comey)

Instapundit: A President Hillary would be out of control, she only has herself to blame, FBI has extensive ongoing investigation of Clinton Foundation, Weiner cooperation with FBI, Hillary’s delusional media couriers (wait she is not above the law)

Powerline: Comey was warned! There will be blood!

WaPo: Trump: I wonder if she will keep Huma?

EBL: Chappaqua, we might have a problem

DaTechGuy: Hillary lied, and got caught

Hogwash: Hey! Hillary’s Downfall

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Instapundit: Roger Simon: Who is Huma? 

RedState: WeinerGate: Trump could actually win

Mark Steyn: Occam’s Weiner