AoSHQ: Kasich You Are Quite The Asshat

I guess I should not be surprised, we are talking about John Kasich, but still wow.  I had Geraldo Rivera as asshat of the day over his inane comments about Fidel Castro.  But in the wake of what was an ISIS inspired attack, John Kasich managed to out asshat Geraldo (who is the Michael Phelps of Asshats). To out do Geraldo as an asshat takes a lot.

Daily Caller: Kasich puts Ohio citizens at risk by letting thousands of refugees into Ohio in the first place.  This explains why John Kasich is lying about the cause of this attack. He does not want to take blame for conditions he helped to create.

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Of course John Kasich has been caught lying before:

Even Wonkette can show John Kasich to be an asshat

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