Thanks to “new” voters, Obama turned Florida blue.

McCain received only 48.4% in Florida, or 3,938,166 votes.

Obama won 50.9%, or 4,142,174 votes, and took this swingiest of swing states.

However, the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment did better than either.

In a state which requires constitutional amendments to obtain 60% to pass, “Yes” for “marriage protection” received 62.1%, or 4,758,737 votes. “No” received only 37.9%, or 2,909,086 votes (including me and my kids).Give the “progressive” Democratic voters the benefit of the doubt, and assume every single McCain voter was a “Yes” for “marriage protection”.

And, give the Democratic voters the further benefit of the doubt, and assume every single minor party vote was also a “Yes” for “marriage protection”. (There were 14 presidential tickets on the Florida ballot, gathering approximately 61,000 votes in toto.)

My rusty math skills indicate that still leaves over approximately 759,571 “Yes” votes.

In fact, under the above overly generous assumptions, it means at least 18.3% of Obama voters in Florida voted “Yes” to “protect” marriage.

A simple question – – if these new socially conservative voters have permanently joined the Democratic coalition, and weren’t at the polls solely for the person of Barack Obama, how will this impact future Florida Democratic primaries?

It seems to me that any conservative running for office in Florida would want a list of over 35, black and latino 2008 first time voters (as long as s/he’s not running against Obama).


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