First off, the notion that healthcare is a right. But what exactly is a right? This term is used in a very broad manner. I think Walter Williams said it best when he said a right is something that applies universally to all so long as it does not put a burden or consequence on anyone else. For example, a persons’ right to speak, does not put an obligation on me in order for that person to practice that right. A right is not something that requires someone to make a sacrifice of any kind for any reason for somebody else, PERIOD. You do not have a right to service or resources, PERIOD. With that being said; I personally would like to see everyone have healthcare, and in a perfect world, this would be true. But we can affect the price of health care to make it more affordable. That is something I support. The reason health care is so high today? Well there are a few factors. Let’s take a look at Illinois. Health care costs have risen and surgeons are leaving the state because of trial lawyers like John Edwards who bring these fraudulent lawsuits on doctors for things out of their control. That’s not to say malpractice lawyers are not needed because there are legitimate cases, but it has gotten way out of control.

Second, the government involvement in health care right now is not insignificant. Have you noticed everywhere government sticks their hands always ends with Americans paying more? The regulations and fees that overlap one another in the health care service industry are incredible. I don’t have time to get into all of the issues with health care but let’s just take a look a Medicare. What we have there is a promise made by the federal government that they can’t afford to pay for with just tax revenues. This turns into more debt. At the same time, they are provoking higher prices by applying “oversight” to every program. Oversight costs money. Someone has to do it. The same thing goes for the housing industry. Carter’s community reinvestment act for instance, encouraged banks to provide loans to high risk customers. Somebody has to end up paying for it. Janet Reno in the late 90’s said she was going to be calling for investigations on banks that didn’t provide these types of sub-prime loans to unqualified recipients. And we have seen the same thing since. You can’t tell me that it was just a lack of regulation that caused this. Try the irresponsible encouragement of congressional leaders who for the last four years have been saying; “there is nothing wrong with these loans! Stop practicing class warfare!” There are lengthy videos of several congressional democrats saying similar types of comments in a congressional hearing on YouTube. This is just stupidity. I feel sorry for people who can’t afford to buy a house. But what’s wrong with living in an apartment until you can get back on your feet, or even if you can’t? You shouldn’t be even able to get these types of loans if you can’t afford it, period. My brother is saving up for a condo or apartment when he gets married next year. He has been working hard to save his money for this. Now his tax dollars are going to people who knew they could not afford it. Government that encouraged, banks that lend, and individuals who purchased these mortgages with interest only payment options and no fixed APR’s are responsible for this crisis. Unfortunately for tax payers, responsibility is a value of society that is beginning to cease existence.

Now this issue of starvation baffles me. What countries do you typically see starvation rates increase in? Most third world countries where we have dictatorships or communist governments is the correct answer. Now the Great Depression in the States was a horrific time for this country. Factors such as prohibition, and the post World War 1 debts the United States accumulated well into the late 1920’s was setting the stock market up for failure. Not to mention that the 1920’s is the first decade in America where credit became a widely accepted means of payment. Even with a 35% unemployment rate, people were not starving in the streets on every street corner in America. Yes it was unfortunate that people did die because of horrible living conditions. Buts let’s not forget other world factors that played a significant role at the time, like the Great Epidemic. While there were probably a few worse presidents than Hoover, he definitely was not one of my favorites. And before I go further, I will say that I did like FDR. But even FDR admitted many of programs instituted under the New Deal were not meant to be permanent; social security is just one example.

Welfare is something that is a necessary program for unfortunate families who need the assistance. Yet over the decades the social programs have grown and increased in size by the government and have been exploited to the point where families who really need the financial help get screwed out of it by people who cheat the system. Americans are the most giving and charitable people in the world, and a lot of people cut back on that when they are constantly over taxed. Throwing money at problems seems to be the theme of Obama’s campaign, and to be fair, some of McCain’s policies have mirrored some of Obama’s, but nowhere to that extent. I believe that American’s are good hearted individuals. The lower class will benefit more from the generosity of other American’s giving in more ways than just that of financial compensation, than they will from the governments “here take this; it should last you a few months” type of attitude. Now today we are roughly at 6% unemployment, no where a near Great Depression levels. Are we headed for a recession? Possibly, some may argue we are already in one. The more taxes you levy on employers, the fewer jobs there will be.

President Bush has made some bad decisions on the economy but to say it’s all his fault is complete BS. Let’s not forget a few things. We had already taken a huge loss from the “dot com” boom of the late 90’s when that bubble burst before Bush even took office.; really nobody to blame there. Not to mention the fact that we had 6 years of a growing economy under Bush even after 9/11. Employment really didn’t start dropping until late 2007 in steady pattern. What have the Democrats done to help since they took majority in 2006? Did they not promise to “lower gas prices” even though prices are just now starting to decline? They refuse to drill here for whatever reason.

A bumpkin? Why because she is from Alaska? Not qualified. Why because she is a governor? Erroneous statements driven by feminists who are just upset Hilary didn’t get the nomination. First of all things to remember here is that more governors have been president than senators (19 governors, 18 congressmen, 15 senators). Two of whom I assume you loved and supported Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. I don’t remember anybody telling Bill Clinton he wasn’t “qualified” because he wasn’t from Washington. It’s unbelievably ridiculous. Not to mention that Obama hasn’t exactly put a great deal of experience under his belt. This ridiculous argument that because he has managed a campaign that qualifies him to be president. So he’s good ad giving speeches and raising money. Not to mention he doesn’t even do all of that; David Axelrod does! When has Obama EVER taken a leadership position against corrupt members of his own party here in Illinois? Never! When has he even taken a leadership role on anything of great significance and not voted down party lines? I’m not saying he doesn’t have a right to run or even that he isn’t qualified.

But if people are going to try and make that case against Palin, a vice presidential nominee, well then it’s a losing battle for Obama supporters. Qualified because he ran a successful campaign; so Ralph Nader is definitely qualified then! I bet Mickey Mouse would vote for him too! And serving Bush’s second term? McCain hasn’t exactly been invited for dinner to the White House to often these past 8 years. Are they going to have some or even many similarities, yes of course they are from the same party! But almost even Democratic presidential candidate has praised him for his independent voting history and Biden even said he would be honored to run with him! I mean if we want to talk about serving an extension of a previous presidents term well then there is no question Obama is serving Jimmy Carter’s second term(There is no way he ever would have gotten reelected on his ownn!). They even created a misery index to measure how miserable people were under Carter!

Barack Obama then goes out and attacks a guy because he’s an average American that has a dream of one day owning his own business. What does Obama want to do to him after he works hard to accomplish that? Take his money and give it to others. Plain and Simple. Take the plumber out of the equation. It could be a construction company, a bar, restaurant, computer repair business, and even an auto shop. Obama still wants to tax companies whose gross is over $250000.00 which is not unreasonable gross number for small business owners. Not to mention that Obama said he wanted to give a tax credit to new small business owners when in reality new small business owners don’t even pay taxes for the first so many years, I think first five years to be exact. I could go on about the Obama’s ties with ACORN and the money that he gave them for “stage and lighting” but I won’t bother with it or his other questionable affiliations. It’s amazing how these drive-by media types like MSLCD and seeBS storm Alaska and Ohio looking for dirt on and invading the privacy of families, teenagers, and a plumber, but they won’t come anywhere a near Rezco and Ayers.