Americans, why did McCain/Palin loose this election? A lack of conservative principals showcased from the beginning. The Republican leadership allowed a moderate (McCain) to be selected as our candidate. McCain ran a weak campaign only selecting Palin in the end to energize the conservative base, and she did.

I submit if someone with more ‘fire in the belly’ for conservative principals like Sarah Palin had been chosen in the beginning we wouldn’t be lamenting the direction we all fear our country will take after January 20, 2009. If you are not happy with the direction the Republican party is currently taking then I suggest we all get off our collective backsides and get involved.

I don’t mean send in cash and feel as if you’ve ‘done your part’. No. I mean select some local candidates at the state or local level and volunteer. Choose someone in from the house at the federal level and volunteer. Do it now to get your feet wet and ready before the election cycle begins. I’m currently looking at several of my Georgia political figures, such as Tom Price and Chip Rogers and I encourage others to do the same.

Conservatism has not been defeated, nor is it in decline. Moderates lost this election. Now we need to take charge and help get this party energized and moving again in a more fiscally and socially conservative direction rather than ‘reaching across the isle’.