For at least the last eight years, and highlighted during this past election cycle, members of the Republican party have shown no pageant for a fight.  No backbone to defend themselves when they have hard public opinion, the constitution, or even hard evidence on their side.


A common theme in many of the diaries on RS both before the election and since lament the unwillingness for Republicans to call a spade a spade and take the offensive against slanderous, incorrect, and in some cases out and out lies.  For those of you holding current office a good first step toward getting back in the good graces of the base would be to…




Show some backbone when the democratic controlled congress wants to throw away $750 billion dollars of your constituents money, especially when 80%+ of them tell you too.


Find some moral outrage when the same democrats who were in control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac try to shift the blame to Wallstreet for things YOU WARNED THEM WERE COMING!


Get on the airwaves and call out the crooks who continue to guard the hen house after being caught with their hands in the cookie jar.


Call for impeachment, resignation, etc PUBLICLY when the opposition makes racially charged or outrageously offensive statements about our military.


If the willing accomplices in the main stream media fail to publicize a true newsworthy story because it will hurt their cohorts on the liberal side of the isle, stop talking to them until the remember how to be reporters instead of editorialists.


When liberals misrepresent the big three bankruptcy as a ‘loss of 3 million jobs’ call them idiots who can’t do math and have no understanding of how real-world bankruptcy works.


The American people are not the idiot children the MSM wants everyone to believe they are.  Oh, sure, there is some percentage of them who think they won’t have to work anymore now that The Socialist One has been elected.  But they aren’t grounded in reality anyway, and rarely vote.  The people who think it’s important to vote will hear, but only if you SAY SOMETHING.


Get a plan.  Get organized.  If you don’t know, or don’t understand how the New Media works, ask someone who’s in it so you can take advantage of it.  But please don’t think you can tell us any more falsehoods about how this past election loss was somehow due to a failure of conservatism.  Nearly no one in Washington has been publicizing anything conservative for some time, and that needs to change starting with the RNC chair.  Please find someone who’s willing to be a street fighter to fill this spot.  We desperately need someone willing to stand up for principals again.