Congressional Hypocrisy

Congressional democrats blaming Bush for the decision to go to war when they voted for it

Congressional republicans touting their conservative roots and voting for the Bail Out Bill (HR1424)

Congressional democrats blaming Wallstreet for the mortgage meltdown while knowing Congressional Republicans warned eeryont it was coming.

Congress (all of them) for upbraiding the CEO’s of the automakers for flying in on their corporate jets while members of congress jet all over the country to make appearances.

Congressional democrats chiding Enron and Worldcom for ‘cooking the books’ while they do EXACTLY the same thing to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack (but Franklin Raines et al get away with it while Skilling and Ebbers.are now convicted felons)

Congressional democrats fear-monger the auto industry going into bankruptcy as losing 2 million jobs while Tribune company goes into bankruptcy without losing any jobs (thus protecting the UAW’s cushy contracts, which are arguably the reason The Big Three are in the situation they’re in).

Congressional Republicans forcing their moderate candidate on the party despite conservative complaints he can’t win then blaming the failure of said moderate on those same conservatives (never mind the addition of a true conservative on the ticket is the only thing that saved the 2008 campaign from Mondalian failure)