We do not start publicly decrying those Republicans who are Republicans In November Only just to court the conservative base and then abandon us once elected.


We do not stop accepting ‘the lesser of evils’.  Some pain is going to be necessary to over come this death spiral of accepting moderates and those Really Interested in Nothing Overt when it comes to principals.

We do not adopt an attitude of the best defense is a good offense.  Call a spade a spade when someone lies, twists the truth, purposefully misquotes, edits interviews to be untruthful or unflattering, et al.  Those who produce Ridiculous Internet News Offerings should no longer receive ANY attention, interviews, or responses other than the figurative finger and ‘no comment’.


We don’t get rid of the idea that money is everything.  This is a liberal ideal.  We are the party of smaller government, fiscal responsibility, national defense, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  We are not the party of Really Interested in Nothing Offensive.  Principals will offend those who disagree with you.  Principals will upset those people whom you believe are doing things of an immoral or unethical nature.


We as the individual voter and root of the grass do not begin to toss out the bums who forgot how Ronald Reagan won his victories.  How the revolution of ’94 swept into Washington.  Why we are conservative.  If this past year has upset you to the point of putting your foot through your television then it’s time to get off the bench and get in the game Requesting Individuals Not Organizations help the party rather than crying about the lesser of evils we were given.


We don’t put on our khaki’s, don the pith helmet, get a guide and go hunting.  There’s a reason that big-bore rifle over the mantle is called an elephant gun.  It’s time we used it again because, in my humble opinion, there are to many rhinoceros running around under elephant skins.  Until we pose with a few hunting photos next to a carcass or two no one is going to respect us as carrying any political weight or power.  You want change in DC?  Stop bitching and start working to make some.  You want conservative candidates you can support rather than milksops and moderates?  Convince some state reps (Chip Rogers, I’m talking to you) to run for federal office and then join their campaigns (I will if you’ll run, sir).


That’s my opinion, we welcome yours (tag line from Snake Davis)