But it is clear to me, at least for the homosexual community, that tolerance only extends so far as you are in agreement with them.  Should you dare to oppose their view you are set upon just as the Reverend Rick Warren was set upon when Barack Obama chose him to give the opening prayer.  I haven’t heard any tolerance from the homosexual community concerning Pastor Warren.  To the contrary, I’ve heard nothing but hate-speech toward him because he has the audacity to suggest homosexuality is biblically unpleasing to God (which scripture I will not quote, but am able, so as not to appear as though I am pulling things out of context as I am not).


Reverend Lowery decided to use his benediction, which is usually used as a way to bless all in attendance, as a bully pulpit designed to admonish whites and those opposed to homosexual marriage.  I find this use of the inauguration as a deplorable and degrading statement from the Reverend Lowery.


On both subjects I challenge the left to upbraid and castigate those who cannot see the hypocrisy in both the homosexual community for their treatment of Pastor Rick Warren and Revered Joseph E. Lowery.