After the debate last night I am gratified to know that at least in the spoken word our four candidates are mostly headed away from BHO and in a direction I’d rather the country go. I’m still undecided and in the ABR camp (Anybody But Romney), however, my vote can be swayed.

I was on Redstate chat during the debate and hands down Newt won. We all agreed I think. those that didn’t agree thought their candidate did the best who ever they were sold out for in the first place. This morning I find Drudge with a voting graphic up asking who I though won the debate. Imagine my surprise when the tally came back as the image I’ve inserted here!?!

I’m fully okay with people having a differing opinion than I do (and I expect it). The Drudge Report is fully in the tank for the Romney camp and are lending credence to a suspected deal between him and Ron Paul over something. Could it be a RAND Paul VP nomination? Hmmmmm. Time will tell.

In any event I still am open to information and am gathering/evaluating it all ahead of Super Tuesday. I am NOT interested in attack ads; defense ads, yes. I want to see more of Newt’s positive spin, going after BHO, and why I should vote FOR someone, not AGAINST someone.

I’m against Barack Hussein Obama. I’m against the Socialist direction this country is taking. I’m against the anti-exceptionalist stance this administration is taking around the world. Tell me what you are FOR? Tell me why I should be FOR YOU? Tell me what You will DO to make my beloved country great again? This I can get behind. This I can volunteer for. This I can donate money too (when the companies in this country aren’t scared stiff about the next piece of legislation/regulation and start hiring again).

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