I realize many of you do not wish to believe what passes for mainstream media in America has a bias, but it does; and I can offer some pretty compelling evidence to that fact. Actually I cannot take credit for this evidence. I’ll source the evidence at the end of this post.

What I have is a montage that was broadcast yesterday covering ten (10) different people using the EXACT same words or phrasology on the SAME day about the SAME event. Eight of these people are media figures from NBC, CNN, MSNBC, US News and World Report, ABC, among others.

Here is a link to the transcript of the montage with a few other bits thrown in. How do all these supposed ‘objective journalists’ come up with the nearly EXACT same phraseology and wording if they are not in collusion?

This montage comes from the Rush Limbaugh program. If you listen to his show then you know these sorts of montages are common place. This is NOT an isolated incident. Feel free to live under the illusion that the media is ‘reporting’ if you want to, but keep in mind these people DO NOT have your best intentions at heart. They wan to the implementation of a socialist, progressive agenda that keeps them in power. They are only interested in protecting the New Aristocracy, of which you and I are not a part (and they like it that way).

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