“the Romney plan fails the first test of fiscal responsibility: The numbers just don’t add up.”

–Bill Clinton

We have heard this criticism before.  Yes, I think this is nothing more than craven political talking points. But, lets be honest, Bill Clinton was president in a time of great prosperity.  His economic policies were heavily influenced by Newt Gingrich, but they succeeded.  Economic policies, I am not talking about the rest of it.

The American people know this about Bill Clinton, and they want that kind of success again.  So how does Romney take this criticism, and turn it to his favor?

Mitt Romney needs to publicly ask Bill Clinton to consult with team Romney and go over the numbers that Clinton finds problematic.  Ask Bill Clinton what loopholes he would close, what is politically possible with the Democrats.

There are two possible outcomes, both good for Romney:

1) Clinton laughs in his face.  Which only shows that Romney is willing and open to take risks in order to work with the Democrats for the good of the people.  Romney is going to work with Democrats as president–they will still have power in the Senate, and the American people expect our president to work with the other party–Obama is dismal at this, show them Romney is ready.

2) Clinton plays the elder statesman, accepts the invitation and gives advice to Romney.  This would be huge for Romney, especially if he can find some nugget in Clinton’s advice, add it to his economic plans, put Clinton’s name on it and show the American people what can be done for the good of the country with cooperation.

The second scenario may be far-fetched, but it is within the realm of possibility.  Clinton is an opportunist, and a smart one.  Even if his advice is useless, surely there is something Romney can agree with him about.

Either way, Romney diffuses Clinton’s support for Obama.  Win-win.