I’m watching the History Channel as I blog and comment, and the channel is presenting various ways in which human beings might go extinct or the world might end.  I wait and wonder why I’m not seeing Anthroprogenic Global Warming/Climate Change.  The reason is that it’s their “Number One Threat” to human survival, and so saved for last.

And here they start talking about how Al Gore is fighting corporate interests, and how it’s not the first time big business has stood in the way of progress.  What a bunch of baloney!  Don’t they realize that this AGW scam is just a big corporate interest of its own?

Even the History Channel?  Purveyors of “Empires of Industry?”  I got so tired of watching “Hitler’s Henchmen” over and over that I guess I stopped watching for too long.  Now even History has bought into this Global Warming scam…  With Discovery’s love of anything AGW-related, football season nearly over and the AFL shut down for the year, I suppose I’ll have to content myself with watching hockey on Vs. day in and day out.

Oh, well.  Guess it’s not so bad after all…