Watching FNC this morning, I was reminded of a story I saw yesterday on Neal’s Nuze.

Apparently, our friends at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want to rename fish as Sea Kittens!

Apparently, PETA thinks that this will remind us that fish have feelings, relationships and families.  By renaming them “sea kittens,” they hope to create sympathy for creatures of the piscene persuasion.  After all, who would eat a kitten?

I guess the folks at PETA haven’t been to a Chinese restaurant lately…

Let’s see, 1) eating animal protein is was major driver of the evolution of the human brain.  2) Today, eating animal protein is necessary for healthy and normal development of our brains as children.  3) Omega-3 fish oils have been shown to lower cholesterol.  4) Meanwhile soy protein, which vegans advocate should replace animal protein in our, raises cholesterol and promotes higher estrogen levels.

No wonder the folks at PETA think this campaign will turn people away from fish.  They’re emotions are out of whack due to artificially high estrogen, which makes them think those chest pains they’re having are really sympathy for the fish, and their brains aren’t developed enough to realize that this idea is just plain stupid!