Republican Congressman Mike Rogers has decided to retire from office and join the world of radio, bringing a moderate and “productive” alternative to conservatives like Rush, Hannity, and Levin.

Not satisfied with patronizing conservative talk radio, Rogers wants his district to pick a successor who “will not embarrass this district.”

That person is former Michigan state senate majority leader Mike Bishop. Bishop is also endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a pro-corporatist, anti-market interest group dedicated to defeating principled grassroots conservatives.

Indeed, there is a principled grassroots conservative running against Bishop: state legislator Tom McMillin.

Whereas Bishop is an ally of Rogers, McMillin actually worked very closely in the state legislature with now-Congressman Justin Amash, who is supporting McMillin and has named him his top priority for 2014. While in the state house, McMillin has been a strong voice for civil liberties and religious freedom and against crony capitalism. You can learn all about him on his website, and even more in this interview.

McMillin has released a scorecard comparing the records of Bishop and himself:

Here are the videos from his campaign announcement, one of him speaking and the other of Amash speaking.

This race represents an excellent opportunity to stick it to the pro-police state, pro-corporatist GOP establishment and send a reinforcement to aid Amash and other Constitutional Conservatives in Congress.

You can help out Tom McMillin at