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    Mislabeling, Lying, and Redefining: Leftists’ Favorite Tools Morph Terrorism into Citizens with Guns

    Vox is really talented when it comes to mislabeling, lying and redefining.  They have the same level of integrity you would expect from Pravda, only in the 21st Century.  And, like Pravda, no shame in any of these exercises.  In this case, they are asserting that citizens with guns are a much larger threat than ISIS and Syrian refugees. The entire article is premised on | Read More »

    If you Stand for Nothing, You will Fall for Anything

    Our forefathers declared our Citizens’ inherent right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  By popular vote, we extended that right from White, Male, Property owners to anyone 18 and older in age.  Our concept of liberty, over the centuries, has evolved. Liberty is at the core of the raison d’etre of our Nation.  We are not France.  We are not a country where “Liberty, | Read More »

    Amanda Marcotte Demonstrates Liberals Fail at Basic Logic

    Amanda Marcotte is no stranger to RedState writers.  Just do a search and her name comes up multiple times.  She earns it as much as Al Gore or Paul Krugman on their best days. There are a plethora of special interests that are fighting to take over educational programs in the United States.  Among them are LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, Occupy, etc.  They all want | Read More »

    The Democrats are Starting to Party Like its 1968

    In 1968, the Democratic Party “invited” scores of protesters to their convention in Chicago.  In the minds of many, what was supposed to illustrate just how “with it” the Democrats were ended up with police fighting with protesters throughout the city.  The TV news coverage resulted in Mayor Daley receiving 135,000 letters supporting police action balanced against 5,000 against.  The Party had lasted eight years | Read More »

    Why are so many Crazy or Idiotic Ideas becoming National Law?

    Most politicians crave power.  All politicians who want to remain in office in a democracy cater to the constituency that will deliver them a victory, whether legal or not.  So where you live determines your constituency. Radicals and aggrieved minorities always want to change something.  For example, NAMBLA wants men to be able to love boys.  La Raza wants parts of the U.S. returned to | Read More »

    What are Polls for, When No One Listens Anymore?

    A poll is in essence like checking your blood pressure.  You use it to register the health of something on which to be voted.  As such, everyone has a vested interest in the outcome, whether for or against someone or something. Retail politicians use polls to decide what to say or to support an opinion.  They rely on accurate polling when the point of the | Read More »

    CNBC GOP Debate … A Layman’s Perspective

    While it is fresh in my mind, I want to rank from a layman’s perspective how I feel they did.  If I were ranking them in order, I would go: Rubio, Christie, Fiorina, Kasich, Trump, Cruz, Bush, Huckabee, Carson and Paul.  There were some surprises for me. I felt that Christie did a much, much better job than he had in the past.  He was | Read More »

    One Thing I would Love to Hear a Candidate Say Tonight about the Economy and Youth

    There are statistically a much higher number of males living at home at a later age today than there were since the 1950’s.  The Democrats would have you believe that this is a healthy function of increased student loan debt coupled with men marrying later and, therefore, not being able to move out quite so fast.  In fact, they would have you believe that men | Read More »

    The Way the Wind is Blowing for the Next Debate

    The next debate should be about economics, which is what most people care about.  It is the last and best opportunity for candidates to make a name for themselves or to implode completely.  And the wind is blowing strongly in favor of six of them. This election season is starting to get really interesting.  The Democrats are down to two candidates and an also-ran.  I | Read More »

    Adam Winkler illustrates the Focus of Liberal Utopia: Death to Old White People

    Adam Winkler is a liberal disguised as a moderate.  He is in favor of reasonable gun control restrictions, or so he writes.  And in publications like Salon, the Daily Beast, and the Huffington Post, he occasionally shows his true colors.  Now he has decided that the best way to win the debate is for old white people to die. Listen to a liberal, and you | Read More »