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Middle-aged reformed Democrat with many years of information technology and writing experience.


    NYC about to Flush Common Sense down the Toilet

    One of the first things we learn in Kindergarten is that boys and girls do not share a bathroom.  There are some essential reasons for this.  First, we are told that boys and girls are different in what anatomical parts we have.  Second, we learn that boys and girls do not want to share their actions in going to the bathroom with each other.  Third, | Read More »

    2016 – An Outsider’s Handicapping, Part II

    Back in November I made an analysis of the Republican potential field for President.  Much has happened over the intervening months and I thought I would make two more reviews before the season starts, now and the week before the voting actually gets underway. There were 20 potential candidates back in November, and out of that group, I identified Pataki and [mc_name name=”Sen. Lindsey Graham | Read More »

    Apple’s Hatred is more Organized

    One of the most appalling news stories of the day concerns Apple and their newly decided action to ban almost any games showing a depiction of the Confederate flag.  Nevermind that some of the games are purely historical, such as Ultimate General: Gettysburg.  It appears that the corporate giants are all racing each other to see who can become enlightened fastest. Dissent is one of | Read More »

    Couldn’t have happened to a more PC company…

    FireFox at one point was the sole real answer to Internet Explorer.  Microsoft had crushed Netscape, through whatever means, and there existed really no viable opportunities.  FireFox came along, innovated and grew rapidly.  At one point, its market share was 25.1%. On April 3, 2014, the CEO of FireFox stepped down over his contribution to California Proposition 8 which sought successfully (until overturned by judicial | Read More »

    Reaching the Aqua-Collar Worker

    The white-collar worker used to mean someone in a profession that involved increased access to information coupled with high long-term income and social mobility.  Education was one of the primary determinants because universities, governments and mature industries used to hold a near-monopoly on knowledge.  The blue-collar worker used to mean someone in a role requiring little to education matched with low long-term earning potential and little | Read More »

    Lighting the Flame of this Movement

    Social movements create change.  Politicians absorb social movements into their power base and, once they gain critical mass, exert legal power over society to appease the movement.  Once a movement’s central objectives have been absorbed into legal change, the movement dissipates.  All movements have a catalyst which galvanizes members into action, wrapped in the concept of “should”.  The question I want to answer is what it | Read More »

    The Inquisition 2.0

    The Inquisition 2.0 is a government-backed series of civil and criminal prosecutions designed to punish private citizens for behavior not in accordance with a new set of “enlightened” beliefs.  The Constitutional Congress enshrined protection for a set of beliefs directly out of the Age of Enlightenment.  Those beliefs were silent on slavery, women’s rights and other areas which were left to the States to determine | Read More »

    I am THAT Life

    I, along with many others here, cannot fathom the action of Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) 58%.  I find myself stunned beyond all measure.  I am so dumbfounded I am questioning many of my core assumptions about electoral politics. I was born to an eighteen-year-old mother who had a shotgun wedding.  I have a birth defect.  If abortion had been legal and encouraged, there | Read More »

    The Guardians of Peace and Christian Persecution

    The Guardians of Peace is an anonymous criminal organization that is ostensibly engaging in various criminal acts, including threats of terrorism, in order to suppress the release of a single motion picture.  The organization has issued written protests concerning the depiction of the assassination of the current leader of North Korea.  Whether in defense of North Korea or acting out of some other motivation, the group | Read More »

    Ferguson: The Laws of Man versus the Man of Laws

    The Soviet Union defined criminal behavior as action that would threaten the State.  Because the State was represented by the Politburo, whomever ran the Politburo was thus the protected party in all laws.  As noted by the fair-and-balanced State newspaper Pravda, Josef Stalin was the “genius of the new world, the wisest man of the epoch, the great leader of communism.” In every despotic community | Read More »