Friends of Liberty,

Over the last few weeks the Republican Party has shown me on two separate occasions they
simply are not getting the message from the American People. I think the Democrats are
getting the message. They just don’t care what the Proles have to say. The Republicans
seem poised to take advantage of this fact in November, however, I’m not sure they
understand why they are going to be handed the elections. If Republicans win in November
it will be simply because they are not Democrats, just as Obama was elected because he
wasn’t Bush.  That may get you the election, but it won’t fix the country or keep you in
power. I don’t think they understand this.

Every Republican celebrated the election of Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts.
Imagine—a Republican elected to Kennedy’s seat! While Republicans were reveling in that
victory, Brown was busy showing us he really doesn’t understand the nature of his
victory. Within 72 hours of being sworn in, he voted for a Democrat-sponsored $15 billion
jobs bill. He said the bill was not perfect, but it was only $15 billion and he hoped it
would show he will be bipartisan. In other words—he attempted to buy some goodwill from
the Democrats for $15 billion. Thanks, Scott. My kids are happy to pay for that goodwill.

The second sign Republicans just don’t get it concerns Senator Jim Bunning. Bunning voted
to block a bill that extended unemployment compensation up to 99 weeks. Bunning was
crucified by the Media for being calloused and cold-hearted toward the unemployed. On the
floor of the Senate, Bunning said he was not opposed to the bill, just the way it was
going to be financed. Two weeks ago President Obama signed a bill into law called PAYGO,
the Pay as you Go bill. This Democrat-sponsored bill, which is now law, says any new
spending bill must be paid for either by cuts elsewhere in the budget or tax increases.
Obama lauded this bill when he signed it. Two weeks later the Democrats have thrown PAYGO
on the ash heap of legislative history. Bunning argued that only 30% of the $862 billion
dollar stimulus bill has been spent to date. Surely, we could fit that $15 billion into
the stimulus bill payouts. Democrats ignored the request and attacked him for being an
obstructionist. That is standard procedure for Democrats and I’d expect no less. My
problem was with the Republicans. Just where the hell were they? They sat in silence,
while Bunning made the case the American People have been making for the last year.  Not
one came to his defense—in this case to the defense of the American People.  A few even
attacked him. We don’t need these kinds of Republicans.

Friends, the election in November must be about just what Obama said the last election
was about. The new Congress must transform this Government back into the Republic
Washington, Adams, Madison, Jefferson and Paine envisioned. There can be no room for
bipartisanship if it means keeping us on the path to disaster. All bipartisanship means
is that both parties will work together to destroy this country. The new Congress is
going to have to be real leaders, not panderers to the Media, special interests, and
especially the opposition party. They are going to have to prescribe a bitter pill and
convince us to ride out the fever because it will eventually result in a healthy country
once again. The actions of Scott Brown and the entire elected Republican body, save
Senator Jim Bunning, are not a good sign.

Further Thought: If the Democrats are willing to ignore their own two-week old law, how
can we trust them to respect and abide by any law they pass—especially one passed by


Quote of the Week:

“I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but
leading or driving them out of it.”

-Benjamin Franklin