Friends of Liberty,

Time for concern is over. Now is the time for outrage, for anger, for action. We are losing the Republic. The American people have spoken and not only are the Democrats not listening, they are violating our sacred trust. Our elected officials are supposed to be the stewards of our nation, the protectors of our liberties and our Constitution. We elect these people to make course changes for the ship of the nation, but they are not supposed to be scuttling the ship on the way, transferring us to a new ship on a radically different course in the process. I refuse to even call these people Democrats, anymore. What they are doing goes far beyond any “populist-looking-out-for-the-little-guy” Democrats used to be. The current crop are pure Statists. Some in the White House are avowed Communists.

The current health insurance bill is an outrage. It will eventually place the population’s health in the hands of Washington bureaucrats, but that is not what makes me angry. The American people overwhelmingly oppose this bill in every poll taken, but still the Democrats persist. If they simply voted for it against the will of the people, I would be angry, but that does not signal the end of the Republic. John Adams once said Americans always get the government they deserve—and folks, we deserve what we’re getting. We entrusted these people and now we’re paying the price. Still—it can be fixed. If Americans show resolve, we can vote the bums out in November. The Republic stays intact.

What has me shaken to the core is how the Democrats are violating our very process for making law. The Constitution mandates how laws are made. The Senate has passed their version of a health insurance reform bill. The House must pass this bill and it must be signed by the President to become law. The House does not want to vote on the Senate bill for three reasons, one, it may not pass and two, many in the House simply don’t like it, and three, it will be political suicide for many Democrats.

Normally, a bill like this goes to conference committee, where compromises are made. When the bill is “fixed” it goes back to both houses for debate and a vote. The Democrats are unwilling to fix the bill in this manner because they know the Republicans can now block them in the Senate with the election of the 41st Republican senator, Scott Brown of Massachusetts. It takes 60 votes to pass cloture and send it to the floor for a vote.

So they want to proceed with Reconciliation, a way to get a bill passed in the Senate without invoking the 60 vote cloture rule. There is a catch, though. For reconciliation to work, the existing bill must be passed by both houses as is, then signed by the President, then a new reconciliation bill must be passed by both houses and signed by Obama to amend the first bill. Here’s the delicious irony of it all—once the House passes the bill and Obama signs it, it becomes law. There is no guarantee of reconciliation and the Democrats in the House don’t trust Harry Reid or Barack Obama to go through with reconciliation. All Obama has to do is sign the first bill and walk away.


So here is where we go off the rails and enter Third World banana republic territory. The House Dems now are invoking a rule (aptly called the Slaughter rule) which allows them to pass a bill without voting on it. They will “deem” it passed. I would expect this type of politics from Hugo Chavez, or Kim Jong Il or from some communist Central American despot. Folks, we now have our own despots. These people show no respect for our people, our Constitution, even our nation as a whole. We are now going to make law without voting on it. What the hell are we becoming? Actually, if you look around the world, you can see what we are becoming.

Some will argue that the Republicans used this tactic before to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. This is true and it was the wrong thing to do, another example of the Republican’s letting us down. However, raising the debt ceiling (which the Dems did recently by another trillion dollars) is not the same as a bill that restructures the way healthcare is delivered to the whole country and entails one-sixth of our entire economy. (I’d also be willing to bet when the Republicans raised the debt ceiling it was to get a budget that allowed for the war on terror. I can’t believe the Dems opposed raising the debt ceiling because it funded more social programs.)

If the Democrats pass this far-reaching, multi-trillion dollar bill without voting on it, it will signal the end of the Republic. Nothing will be beyond their reach. Why not “deem” Cap and Trade passed? Why not pass tax increases or Union Card Check by “deeming” them passed? Why vote on anything?

Folks, this isn’t about partisan politics. The Republicans can’t stop any of this. They do not have the votes or the power. The American people last November saw to that. Now the American People are speaking again, but the people they entrusted with the nation are not listening. The Democrats are not fighting the Republicans on this one. They are fighting the American People directly. Only the People can stop this—and if they can’t—that truly signals the end of the Republic.

Friends of Liberty, we’re not dealing with traditional Democrats anymore. This is pure evil, pure liberty-robbing, unconstitutional Statist evil. These idiots in Washington don’t even rise to the level of the old Soviet Union or Red China. They are not even good commies. The USSR never did anything that wasn’t in the USSR’s best interest. Mao never did anything that wasn’t in China’s interests. Not that these guys were concerned with their people’s rights, but they at least held their own people above those of other nations. These regimes set themselves against the world, even against each other. The Communists in our Congress and in our White House hold their own country, their own people, in contempt. These jokers will sacrifice our safety, security and freedoms in exchange for world opinion and the love of other despots. Obama apologizes for America wherever he goes and continues to insult our greatest allies: the United Kingdom, Australia and Israel to name a few.

A friend of mine told me the other day that just forty years ago we didn’t give Communists a place in the Cabinet, we hunted them down in places like Korea and Viet Nam and killed them. In the early 1990s I was a lieutenant in Strategic Air Command. Every six weeks I sat on ground alert for seven days at time with a B-52G, ready to lay down thermonuclear fire on the Communists if they moved against us. Today, they are running our Government, appointing their own to the Supreme Court and passing laws without voting on them. What the hell are we doing?

If you are not sure of all this—educate yourselves. Read the history of the Russian Revolution, of the Communist ascendancy in China, North Korea, Viet Nam or Cuba. Look at where Greece is today. Read the Constitution—and the Communist Manifesto—might as well read Mein Kampf while you’re at it. As a citizen you must know what our nation is supposed to stand for and, even more importantly, what it is not.

Please—tell your friends, call or write your Congressman, write your local newspaper editor, attend a Tea Party on April 15th—campaign for someone you respect—vote the bums out in November—then hold our Republican friends’ feet to the fire come next January.