Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963It appears that approximately 90% of those commandments are in effect. In order to complete the takeover of America is to allow Barack Hussein Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Harry Reid with a “filibuster free” congress and senate to rule America.

Surely all Americans have read about Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong IL of North Korea, Castro and China’s Red Brigade that killed millions during the purge of the intellectuals. The list of the few communist leaders above was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent people. WAIT! Perhaps millions of Americans have not heard about these atrocities…everything has been removed from whatever history books are left in the libraries.…omment s=true

The appointment of two or three more Supreme Court justices to the Court will lock our Republic into a communist controlled Court that will ensure our U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence are nothing but useless pieces of parchment.

We American, Republican Patriots on a few cable TV networks, radio stations, websites, blogs and a couple of newspapers with some of the best writers in the country try to get the “word” out to the public but, it is like preaching to the choir. None of the truth reaches the ignorant that need to hear it the most.

What we call the mainstream media is communist controlled. Therefore none of Ms. LAURA HOLLIS’ EXPOSE` in Townhall will reach the ignorant, spell-bound liberals. I do not think they would understand or believe anyway that this has been going on forever right under their noses.…omment s=true