By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report

The media focuses on horse races between men while the Earth turns. Some major events have occurred on the third stone from the Sun and significant dawgs haven’t barked within the din of mostly insignificant barking by McCain, Obama and Biden.

Russian forces occupy a small portion of former USSR slave state, Georgia. For the first days and weeks after Russia’s invasion, the media was filled with voices of doom that the US was powerless to prevent Russia from taking Georgia, Ukraine and even Poland. (Reminds me of a middle school bully bragging about smacking a wheelchair bound classmate in the boy’s room.) They focused on Putin’s smile in China, flight to “the front” as Bush’s beach volleyball party continued and years’ old soul peering stories.

Weeks later, Georgia exists. American military planes occupy Tbilisi with guns and butter ala Berlin airlift, but it is the presence of their bodies and the flag on their uniforms that keeps the bear (see cub circa 2008) at bay.

Ukraine, Poland and the rest of Free World New Europe (Rummy was right) have openly defied Russia with Poland allied with America on Star Wars. Thank you Gipper.

Iran endures riots and demonstrations in the street as MembersOnlyJacket-ijad has been forced to buy Great Satan brand wheat. They still breadlessly occupy Tehran and Qum, but no part of the Free World, including its newest member: Iraq.

The Olympics have ended with the USA the medal winner leader. The Big Question: How long will it take the thousands of homeless Chinese driven from their homes for aesthetic reasons to be re-located to their ramshackle lean-tos that look so spectacular to Obamas on NBC.

Ah, the luxury of obsessing on the utterances of a one-disciple chosen at 3am Messiah in a nation devoid of terrorist attacks from a still-free UBL (is dead free?) in a dangerous world.

Thank you President George W. Bush.

A President that liberated Iraq and saved Tbilisi and New Europe without firing a shot while rubbing sun tan oil on the back of a gold medal holding beach volleyball babe.

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