Worst presidents ever don’t win wars, liberate millions and keep us safe.

Worst presidents ever have names like Carter and Buchanan.

I found this masterpiece rebuttal to the Bush bashers over at Leftist American Online (AOL), by one of their token conservatives. But that this genius is outnumbered is no disability. Our absentee hero, Caleb Howe puts liberals in the fetal position crying for Obamommy.

Enjoy this excerpt and go to AOL and read the whole thing and the crazed comments from the soon to be let down by the Messiah crowd after they hear Jesus’ name from Warren’s lips!

Much like the crass and tasteless foot-stomping triumphalism we were subjected to on the day after the election of Barack Obama, the preponderance of media elites and left-bloggers have this week begun writing their snide, polemic send-offs for President George Bush in advance of next weeks inauguration. It is, of course, to be expected. If we’ve learned nothing else of the “Bush Lied, People Died” drones over the last few years, we know how much they treasure their favorite assassination target.

The hyperbole is, if I may likewise indulge, so over the top as to cause one to ponder either the sanity or the honesty of some of these would-be pundits and historians, if not both. From the uber hip “Worst. President. Ever.” epithets, to cries of war criminal, science killer, and even mass murderer, the frothy left is taking their final gibbering, wild-eyed romp of mayhem across the web and screen. After all, decorum will, on Tuesday, become the word of the day, as every Joe the Plumber, blogger, or media personality who thereafter challenges or questions the mighty Obama can expect to be heartily attacked for their audacity (another personality attribute which is soon to fall into ironic disfavor).

But if I might, I’d like to cut in to this frenetic political lap dance with a bit of my own, perhaps less aroused, but at least as self-important, commentary.

President Bush had a task set before him on September 11, 2001. Something had failed. Our agencies weren’t working together properly, perhaps. Intelligence breakdown. Security breakdown. The enemy had brought terror and death among us. From that day forward the President’s agenda would by necessity revolve around and be set against the backdrop of foreign policy and terrorism. It is neither high drama nor dudgeon to name this era the post-911 world, so significant were the events of that day.

Into this new world we, as a singular nation, followed our leader, President George W. Bush. Upon his shoulders the weight of our hopes and fears rested, and by his stride our march across the new history would be defined.

Coming soon: DeVine Gamecock’s take on the Bush legacy at The Minority Report


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