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Many pundits, even on the left, have characterized President Barack Obama’s Inaugural address as pedestrian, or, at best “just fine.”

Charles Krauthammer today, suggests that Obama intentionally bombed:

It was so rhetorically flat, so lacking in rhythm and cadence, one almost has to believe he did it on purpose. Best not to dazzle on Opening Day. Otherwise, they’ll expect magic all the time.

I disagree. The tepid response to Obama’s speech was the continuation of a trend that dates back to weeks and months before the election, interrupted only by the orgasmic reaction to his Election Night acceptance speech.

This is the effect of a two year campaign filled with vacuous, meaningless hope and change rhetoric and human nature’s tendency to boredom with the same old, same old.

Like a drug, one can only get the endorphins going with increasing doses. Maybe if he had boogied with Ellen and Michelle between Inaugural clauses, a mosh pit would have formed?

In many ways, it seems Obama has already been President for a year or so, given the ubiquitous media coverage. In fact, I think the honeymoon ended late last summer, with the financial crisis and McCain’s feckless response turning the election back to Obama after the Sarah Palin (pictured) bump had threatened the perfect environment for Democrats for a short time.

Palin continues to get raucous reponses to her recent speeches. She hasn’t been campaigning for 24 months like Obama.

Obama tried to get the crowd going. He paused often, seeming to expect applause, only to be disappointed. This occurred often last Summer and into the Fall.

Obama will have to actually deliver the promised goods of prosperity now due to the other factor that has contributed to declining ratings of “The Obama Show”: the deepening recession.

To use a phrase of the President’s that Saturday Night Live made famous, words alone, “just won’t do”.

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