Is the real coup in the Americas being engineered by the Secretary of State against a 3am challenged White House?

Three weeks ago Hillary Clinton spent 72 hours to finally convince the Non-Meddler in Chief to denounce the Islamist Junta in Iran for the violent repression of hundreds of thousands of voters protesting an obviously fixed Presidential “election.”

In the immediate aftermath of the election, President Barack Obama had rushed to make clear to Iran’s “Supreme Leader” that he was still anxious to deal with the tyrants no matter how they treated their own citizens.

Then two weeks ago, the President, newly liberated from meddlesome meddling bans abroad, rushed to echo Venezuela’s previously elected dictator, Hugo Chavez in denouncing the removal of the Honduran President from office by its Supreme Court and Attorney General as a “coup.” The military had carried out the order to stop the former President from wreaking havoc in the streets leading a mob in an illegal referendum to allow him to serve for life.

Now, it appears the grown-up former First Lady has rescued the boy president admirer of despots and American values once again:

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton said today that Costa Rican president Oscar Arias will serve as international mediator in the Honduran political crisis.

Clinton made the announcement at the US state department after meeting privately with Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, who was forced into exile on 28 June. She said Zelaya as well as the politician who took over as Honduran leader, Roberto Micheletti, agreed to the Arias role as mediator. She said Arias would work on the problem from Costa Rica, not in Honduras.

Clinton noted that Arias won the Nobel peace prize in 1987 for helping broker an end to central America’s civil wars. She said she spoke to him earlier today.

“He is the natural person to assume this role,” she told reporters, adding that while the Obama administration continues to support the efforts of the Organization of American States (OAS) to resolve the crisis, she felt it was necessary to also name a specific mediator.

Clinton also called on all parties to refrain from further violence in an effort to resolve the political crisis.

She said her meeting with Zelaya was productive. “I reiterated to him that the United States supports the restoration of the democratic, constitutional order in Honduras,” she said.

Presidents Obama, Chavez and Castro had called for the restoration of Zelaya to the Presidency and for onerous OAS sanctions. But as the details of the affair came out, it has become clear that no military coup has occurred and that nearly the whole of the Honduran people would not abide the return to office of the real coup leader.

It appears to this observer that Secretary of State Clinton has produced a device for her President to save face via a mediation that merely supports the restoration of democracy, which is already effected given the return to civilian rule within minutes.

I would expect that the mediation will restore the former President’s cherished photos of Chavez and spare pajamas and urge the OAS not to punish the Banana industry for rejecting dictators for life.

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