You can’t get re-elected without our votes. Here is how you get our votes.

But first some admissions about why we are even having this conversation given the party you have chosen to empower and the debunking of the relevance to your re-election of the threats you are hearing from the Speaker of the House and the President’s Chief of Staff if you don’t support their government takeover of health care and the destruction of the health insurance industry.

Ordinarily, this convert to the GOP wouldn’t even consider supporting an elected member of my former party for election or re-election given your minority status within a Democratic Party controlled by the far left that your vote for Speaker empowers.

But, an accident of history has at once given monopoly power to this far left minority to permanently damage this Republic and given self-identified “fiscally conservative” Blue Dogs the exclusive power to save us. My use of the scare quotes bespeaks the lack of any evidence based on your votes that you are anything more than a Jack Ass version of Bob Dole as “tax collectors for the welfare state.”

Why we are willing to make this deal

We are told there are 52 of you. Yet, less than 30 Democrats voted against Cap and Trade direct assault on the poor and middle class via massive increases on the necessities of gasoline, oil and coal; less than 25 voted against the $4T budget blueprint that quadruples the deficit in one year; only eight voted against the disastrous $780B Stimulus; and zero against the $400B+ Omnibus pork bill.

Those bills alone threaten this nations economic health thru massive growth of government and hostility to job producers.

But, given the massive threat to our prosperity from the socialization of medicine; the sill alive Cap and Trade bill now in the Senate; and the still pending budget authorizations in October, I am willing to encourage my conservative Republican voters to vote for your re-election if you start getting it right NOW.

You simply must not allow Cap and Trade tax increases; any public option in health insurance; any watered down version like Fannie Mae style co-ops nor massive regulations that would bankrupt the private insurance industry; nor the massive $1.8T Budget deficit bill.

You can’t vote for Union Card Check either.

If you do all that, or better yet, Do Nothing, we could vote for you, despite the ever present danger posed by a Democratic Congress.

I feel we must make this proposal explicit, given our loathing of your party. The stakes are just too high to have these dangerous bills become law that we may never be able to reverse. We understand the risk of putting you back into office with the leftist-empowering “D” after your name, but if you vote right on these bills, we will take the risk.

Don’t fear Pelosi

You are now being told by Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Rahm Emmanuel that unless you vote for health care reform you will not be placed on “powerful” committees and/or not get certain pork project money for you “district”. The threats are based on the false assumption that House members only get re-elected if their constituents see them on TV acting all important or if a certain bridge gets built.

Poppycock! Get over yourself.

Do you think voters will forgive the devastation to their lives from a deep recession and the destruction of their lives from high energy prices and damaged health care/insurance options? Heck no.

Want to help your district? Well, your district is in America, whose economy is imperil due to Obama’s hostility to job producers in America.

Stock market rally refutes the Washington mantra to “do something”

The current Wall Street rally is due to the prospect that Congress will do nothing on health care and cap and trade. Get it? Read the Hippocratic Oath and first do no harm. Eschew the mantra that the “status quo is unacceptable”. We were told of the crisis in health care but the crisis that has emerged more potent is the fear of losing the status quo.

If you can’t vote for a bill that promotes the general welfare, don’t vote for it, because re-elections hinge on the general welfare much more than on campaign brochures touting bridges built of committee influence.

No more drawl and that’s all

You can’t get away with the old method of talking conservative in campaigns; making a few symbolic conservative votes on amendments to bills; and then vote liberal when it matters.

Not this time. Not during a Great Recession where the stimulus done failed and Obama tells the elderly to zone out and die.

Want to get re-elected?

Then do nothing. Vote no on health care reform; cap and trade and the budget.

We won’t be fooled by fake fixes either. Don’t pass a law that delays the effects and/or gives broad discretionary power to future bureaucrats.

Vote no, and you can keep your precious job for one more term. Otherwise, you will be swept out in 2010, sentenced to live like us in the damaged America ObamaDems are ensuring.

Mike DeVine’s Charlotte Observer, and Minority Report columns

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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