Obama’s first Supreme Court Justice confirmed with support of less than 25% of Republican senators

The discredited “Hatch” strategy is dead as its founder, Orrin Hatch (R-UT) followed his Ranking Member replacement on the Judiciary Committee, Jeff Sessions (R-AL), pictured, in voting against Sonia Sotomayor despite the “consequences” of the election of a Democratic Party president.

Gone are the days when Hatch boasted of super-majority GOP votes for Breyers and Ginzburgs, who were even better known at the time to have no fealty for the Constitution as written than Sotomayor today, and who would go on to declare sodomy to be a constitutional right; make the health of the mother exception for abortion mean killing babies one second before the third trimester is cool; and grant more rights to Osama bin Laden that those third trimester babies.

The percentage GOP vote against President Barack Obama’s choice to replace retiring Justice David Souter was the highest ever by Republicans against nominee to the Supreme Court and the 31 votes against was the most against a nominee of a Democratic Party President since Grover Cleveland in the 19 century.

The ObamaDems now own a justice that denied earned promotions to white and hispanic firefighters because no blacks earned theirs.

Senator Sessions is to be congratulated for ending the fiction that American Bar Association grades are the Gold Standard and that lifetime appointees to the Third Branch of government deserve no more scrutiny than the appointment of a deputy secretary of agriculture serving at the pleasure of a President.

Sessions shows that the elections of senators also have consequences in their Advise and Consent role and that just because a nominee is literate and hasn’t been been caught with dead boy or live girl, that they should not be confirmed even if they have a judicial philosphy that renders their Oath to uphold the Constitution a nullity.

Absent a public outcry at Sotomayor’s racist statements, she was always going to be confirmed in a filibuster proof Democratic senate, but for the first time in history, Republicans have differentiated themselves on a crucial issue that they can now run on, especially given the 75% vote.

I have exhaustively covered the merits of the case against our newest Supreme Court justice in a series of columns here, since Justice Souter announced his retirement.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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